Poverty, a blessing in disguise. 

Sometimes, I wish I was poor or lacked some basic needs. Maybe, not so poor maybe things shouldn’t be so easy to get. Don’t get me wrong here. I am extremely grateful for where the Lord has brought me thus far and I know He is taking me higher. Amen. 
I have read books. I have read a book ,in particular,  in which the setting was of a poor family. They were all happy and enjoyed their own company. They enjoyed each moment and savoured the goodness it contained. During festive periods like this, they had a chicken lap for Christmas dinner and with the way the writer described their happiness, it was simply glorious. You know when you read those books written by people who have the descriptive power. They paint pictures so vivid as if you were there and partaking in the activity. This book is an example of such. It was like I was there, sitting with them and rejoicing, thanking God for the chicken lap!

On another occasion, a video was sent to me. And in this video, a father took his son to the rural community to see how they lived and to appreciate some aspects of life. At the end of their visit, the son was thankful to the father and realised how their life (the rural life) was way better than their life (the urban life). And it was better in several ways. They had fresh food and not processed food, they had natural air and not air conditioner; they had each other and not social media and the list is endless. 

Let’s bring the two scenarios together. Okay, maybe wishing to be poor is extreme but I wish to have their mentality. The way they cherish every single thing and their togetherness, it’s beautiful. The way we are told to learn a thing or two from the hardworking ants, we should learn a thing or two from this group of people. They don’t take anything for granted and they will live longer because they are happy people. No one is looking down on anyone. Everyone lives together and enjoys moments together. Everyone looks forward to festivities. It’s just awesome. Am I the only one who feels this way? I want to hope not. If I am truly understood, I want to hope not. I sometimes wonder what if the whole world lived like this, oh how nice it would be! No one would be fighting for power or something. We would go to the farm, harvest together, pray together, and laugh together. I sometimes don’t want to leave my imaginations. It is beautiful there. Surely, I am not alone in this. 

I would like to read from you. 



Hey everyone.

So today, I’ll be talking football. Its my first time, so just accept my flaws and mistakes like that oh
First off, I’m a staunch Chelsea fan. Yeaahhh! I have blue blood. Then Barcelona is sort of like my side chick you know.😂. That’s weird for a Chelsea fan, yeah? Well, I love Messi, so there.
Anyway, the balon d’or ceremony held on Monday and for the first time in ten years, the award went to neither Messi or Ronaldo. Luka Modric of Croatia and Real Madrid won it. That’s no news of course.
I’m sorry, but no! I do not think he deserves it. Now, I’m happy that the deadlock has been broken. Its no longer a Messi-Ronaldo affair. But Modric? No!
So you mean to tell me, that in the past 12 months of football, Modric is the undisputable football’s best? If anything, Modric is getting all the attention he’s getting right now because of his performance at the world cup and I’m sorry, I beg to differ, I don’t necessarily think he was the best player at the tournament. I think Griezmann was a better player.
In the champions league, Modric was merely an average player. He didn’t win a single man of the match award in that tournament. Ronaldo, on the other hand, single handedly dragged Madrid to finals of that tournament. How do you now pick Modric over him.
In the domestic league, sometime in the mid season, Modric was not all that impressive. No doubt, he brings quality to the table. His passes are key as a CM, still Messi had more goals, assists, key passes and more motm awards compared to Modric. In fact, Messi to me was the best player in the la liga last season.
This is not to undermine or downgrade the quality of Modric. He’s a world class player anytime. My point is, he’s not just been the very best in the last one year. Maybe not Messi or Ronaldo. But the likes of Griezmann, Mbappe had a better year than Modric in my opinion. I also think that Modric will fall low in the rankings of balon d’or winners.
For those of you that don’t enjoy football, I really don’t get it. Lol.
Chelsea for life!

Have a wonderful week people!


So today was carol and it was lit!!!!!!!!!!! But what made it lit? They were so many talented individuals that came together to make this superb. There was this guy and the way he hit the notes, it was like heaven on earth. It was like we shouldn’t leave. How do I describe it? Was it the music director, or the instrumentalists or the drama or the dance or the spoken words? Everything was just awesome and soul lifting. All to the glory of God.

What if these people had decided not to harness their God given gifts and just left things? Then I wouldn’t be writing now on how magnificent it was and how beautiful it was to be there. Don’t keep your gifts under lock and key. Let them out. Use them to bless other people. Use them to thank God. We have been given our talents, use them! No excuses, just harness them. You would be glad you did. 

Let’s stop being spectators and get in the real deal. A thought.

Happy Sunday 


So, it was one of those long busy days. I’d just got back to the hostel from the library at about 8pm. Tired and thirsty. Emphasis on thirsty. In any case, I’d bought bread already for dinner but somehow it escaped my mind to buy water. The bread I bought happened to be among the last sets that were sold that day so I counted myself lucky at least for getting food and resolved that water would take care of itself. Did I also fail to mention that I was in the company of two of my friends, A and B? Oh yes, I was. For some reason I got to the room before any of them. I got to my table and found a fruit juice. Excited, I asked my bunkmate whom it belonged to, he said it was for the three of us. Almost immediately, I grabbed it, opened and poured its content into my mouth expecting the sweet orange taste in my mouth. Instead I got a sour warm taste. I stopped drinking immediately and ran outside to spew remaining content from my mouth. My other roommates just kept laughing. Apparently, I had been pranked. I couldn’t get angry because it was something I could do myself. I just smiled to myself and decided that I was going to do the same to A and B. 

A came in. He got bread. This was my chance. I asked him from across the room,

“Guy, how far now, you want drink? Na you and B get the remaining one”

He started walking towards where the drink was and stopped. His next few words struck my heart, though it was not the biggest show of love, it was a simple and basic show of love. He said “No jare, me I don get bread, B fit no get bread. Let him take my share with his”

Oh well, I had goosebumps all over. This simple act was a show of brotherly love. By considering B, he had shown love and oh well, to say the very least, he had avoided the experience I had wished for him.

No one is asking you to put yourself on the line or die for another. Simple acts of love like this go a very long way. Being our brother’s keeper is what our Lord commands us. I believe that by showing love like this to one another, our families, our community, the society and our country will become better places.

Anyway, I was the only long throat as I was the only one pranked. My roommates snitched to A and he told B. Life is just a pot of beans…😭😂
Have a wonderful day people! Don’t forget to show love today!

Listening to God 

Happy Sunday! How was the week for us all? Through the course of the week, we must have offered a prayer or two to the heavens. We might have prayed for something or wished it happen or something and then we are left with no response, lol. That is what it seems like. It seems like God doesn’t answer, maybe He has turned deaf ears to our plea. We think silly things like these.
God hasn’t, He will not, and He doesn’t keep his children silent. He is not man that He gives the silent treatment. He always answers. He doesn’t always say yes neither does he always say no but He always always always answers our prayers, our requests and even statements. Why? He is always listening! How does he feel to know you have someone that is always listening even when you are saying rubbish? To me, that’s superbly awesome! 

Now, how do you think God feels when He talks to us and we don’t listen or when we pray and just close our ears? The most important part of prayer is listening to God because prayer is communication and not a one man affair. We often say God is wicked, he doesn’t listen to our heart cry or something like that. We say these things because we have failed on our side. We have failed to listen to him after talking to him. We have failed to truly hear him and understand. He doesn’t have to start talking to you directly before you hear God. He can use anybody or the Bible or anything (that is why He is God), that is why we need to be sensitive to him!

Let’s learn to listen to God in this week. He might not tell us yes and if he tells us no, we would know to be patient and wait for God’s time. Listen to God. Wait on Him. Let the peace of the Lord reign in your lives!

Bless up!!!!!


Success: Not an easy ride! 

Success has never been and will never be an easy ride. Some situations along the line will break you, some will totally derail you, some will make you depressed and some will surely make you.
The beautiful gold jewellery we put on isn’t found that way. Someone ,somewhere had taken the raw, ugly form of gold and turned it into what we see as beautiful. The gold becomes beautiful but it wasn’t always beautiful. It had to go through fire to become what it is and to become something adorned by all.

This illustration is same with some of us. We will have to go through fire to become successful in life and to ultimately achieve our purpose. We need to understand that success isn’t an easy ride and if we expect it to come easy at us, then we are deceiving ourselves.

We often look at the short term pains and hurts we face on this journey. Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to always look at the long term benefits. It’s not an easy ride and it will not become an easy ride because you have decided to embark on a particular journey. But guess what? How you respond to the potholes and depressions on the road will determine if you will be successful or not.

I am currently on this journey of success, to get to the very top, to make massive positive impact on the world. I have failed severally in the  past. It wasn’t easy then and it’s not easy now. I will say it is harder now as a medical student but I have decided to ride on.

Nobody’s success story is going to be identical to yours, remember that. Mr A’s success story may appear easy to you but the amount of sacrifice and dedication he had to put in, you might not know. So stop comparing other people’s journey to yours. Every individual’s story is unique to them.

Make the decision today to always keep at it. Whenever it seems like you might fall off the train, just keep at what you are doing. Be persistent, persevere and most importantly pray! Only then can this journey of success look easier. 

See you at the very top.



Today, after I finished washing some clothes, I decided to go hang them while leaving the tap open. I expected the bucket to be reaching almost it’s full capacity but the water had already started pouring out by the time I returned. All I could think of was the fact that some people would do anything to have the water. 

Sometimes, I would open water and forget to finish it and by the time I remember it, I would judge it unable to be consumed anymore and throw it away but some people are dying of thirst. 

If we want to be real, this wasting should stop. People would do anything to have the wasted thing even if it is given to them anyhow. We have these things and we are so quick to waste them. 

In doing things, let’s think of people that don’t have or people that have very little. This should help improve our attitude to things. 

I decided this by myself today and decided to share it with everyone. Let’s do the right thing today. Don’t leave the tap running. Don’t prepare food you can’t finish and if you end up not being able to finish it, give it to that man on the street, to the children who have nothing but tears. 

Please let’s be mindful of these minute facts, they go a long way.

Bless up guys!! 


Your life’s in your hands!!!

A young man wanted to test an old wise man. He took a bird and said to himself, “I’d hold this bird and ask him if it is still alive, if he says no, I’ll release it to fly away and then prove the man wrong; if he says yes, I’ll snap the poor bird’s neck and show the old man the lifeless bird proving him wrong. Either way, its a win win for me”

So, that evening, he set out for the old man’s house. As planned, he asked the old man in the bird was alive or not. The old man smiled and said,

“It’s in your hands”

Your life is in your own hands!!!
The sooner you realize that, the better for you. You need to take charge of it. You and only are responsible for whatever you turn out to be. The choices you make today will either make or mar you. A lot of youths today act as though they have multiple lives or that they’re living out someone else’s life.

That’s wrong!

Its your life and no one else’s!!! It’s the only life you get to live. Why not make it count? Make the right choices today, do the right things, move with the right people, eat good food and live your life like you own it. Would you build a house and pull it down immediately after?

Of course not


Because its your house!

Your life is in your hands. Take charge of it today.
Have a wonderful week people.



This 5 letter word should be talked about more often though. This is one topic that has been pressing upon my mind for a while now. I just feel the need to write on it because I don’t think people are smiling again o. People are frowning now and it is not even nice. People think frowning is the new cool. They think it would make them look handsome or beautiful and probably leave that hot, appealing look but naa it doesn’t. Let’s be truthful, it doesn’t. 
The common thing we hear is about the facial muscles, that in frowning you are tensing up a lot of facial muscle but in smiling you are relaxing them. If you are to ask me, I will pick relaxing anytime! I am not saying to be smiling like that is all to do or to smile and smile and people take you for granted. Everything should be done in moderation na. Smile more often. Stop forming big boy and big girl and smile. 

Some group of people though, have a lot of things bothering them and they just find themselves frowning and thinking. They are always in one deep thought and always have this look on their face. I ask whyyyy? Everybody has things bothering them, some nearly not as serious as the person jn front but nothing has the right to steal your joy. We are children of light. No matter what form the world decides to present these troubles, smile through them. Be happy. Honestly speaking, nothing at all should steal our smile from us or our happiness. A child of God has no reason to be sad because we have someone to share this burden with. JESUS CHRIST.

Asides the facts that we should be happy and smile for ourselves, some people actually need to see that smile of yours to make them smile. Your smile, that your one smile can make a passerby feel much better about the day ahead. 

Do this today and feel much better. It would feel like some burdens have been lifted. Trust me, I have tried it and it works.

Smile! We really need to smile. ☺ 

Here’s To Health : The Heart. 

The heart is a very delicate muscle located in the body. For those who might not know, yes it is a muscle that is continually pumping blood to the system. Without the heart working properly, normal living is compromised. When we were still small, we were made to believe or it was the general notion that the heart was shaped like the love sign. That now seems very funny to me because if it were so, the heart might not be able to do up to half of what it does now as a four chambered muscle compartment with specialized structures. 

The heart is so beautiful when pumping. What of when it pumps irregularly or pumps at a low speed or at a high speed or when it stops pumping, not so beautiful actually.  God has made everything perfect and detailed and all we need to do is to nurture and everything will stay perfect. Unfortunately, that is not the case. God has created the human body with all the essential parts, including the heart. Being very detailed, He left nothing out in making sure they all work properly. What we see nowadays is that, we human beings, are damaging this perfect work. 

How? We are not giving adequate care to our body and by adequate care I don’t mean stuffing our bellies with food. I mean nurturing our body, eating good food, eating fruits, exercising regularly, resting often and going for medical checkups.

As a medical student, my concern is the health of every individual that is breathing and it hurts to see us damaging our lives. It costs more when sick than when healthy. 

What are the ways we can take care of our heart and eventually live a long and healthy life? As said earlier : eat well, take walks, exercise regularly, rest, sleep, go for checkups regularly, reduce stress as much as possible. 

Let’s stop stuffing ourselves with fatty and unhealthy foods, the heart doesn’t like fat. Let’s stop living as if the world is on our shoulders, the heart doesn’t like that. Let’s stop being lazy to exercise, the heart as a muscle wants to be exercised. Let’s give this muscle what it wants in exchange for a long and happy life!

All these can’t be overemphasized. Let’s make the journey towards better health deliberate. 

Live healthy!