The Last One

Yeah I’d promise another one for today, so here it goes. I hope everyone has enjoyed poem day as much as I have. Do let us know.

Why is everything so wrong with the world?

Why are vices packaged as virtues?

Why are morals being neglected?

Could it be the economy or blatant ignorance?

Why is the need of the flesh being left to lead?

Shall it not be budget padding it shall be butt padding

Fake identities littering the world

Intelligence decaying

Foolishness persistent

Why are my people so lost?

If you can’t beat them, join them

The unwarranted motto

Leading us farther to mortal destruction

I am ticked off at the abject poverty of the mind

Dare I move the motion?

If you can’t beat them, re-strategise

The world never loved every soul

Even true light was rejected by the world

I may be alone

But I am glad I broke the chain.

Stay blessed and have a good night.


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