Still in the poem spirit, here is another one for thy pleasure.

I live for the opposite

People perpetually plotting to lead

Whatever it takes

Merely a stepping stone

Death, a natural consequence

Money bastardized

All for that wall of unwarranted fame.

I live for the opposite

Students become night partners of lecturers

Overthrowing that actual partner

All for midget favours

Scores undeserved

Grades without brains

All for a degree without merit.

I live for the opposite

Constant disguised betrayal

Disguised being a lie

Rich selfishly cut ties with the poor

Acting for their interest

Carefully at times

More or less carelessly

Taking the sweat of the poor

To foreign countries

All for the comfort without peace.

I live for the opposite

The opposite of greed

The opposite of hate

The opposite of selfishness

The opposite of lies

I live for the life well lived

A story well told.

I am contemplating the last poem being recorded but we will see. I hope you guys like it. Please let us know what you think. Also, let us know your what you think about recording the poems as well.


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