The denim jacket has become a staple piece every girl or woman should have. It’s surely a must have. It’s very fashion friendly. Easy to dress up or tone down. There are different ways to rock or pair the denim jacket. Ranging from the casual look, statement look, flirty look, denim on denim look…

MAKE A STATEMENT : You can dress up your denim jacket with a bold statement necklace. Let the necklace speak more about the outfit.


CASUAL LOOK : This is the most common and simple way of styling the denim jacket. You can wear your denim j over a simple top and pants . You can accessorise with droppy necklaces with beautiful pendants , a cute purse and a pair of chic boots. And you’re good to go


DENIM ON DENIM LOOK: Yes I said denim on denim. The denim on denim look is quite easy to pull off once you’re aware of the basic rules. What you should understand is that you need two different shades of denim maybe a lighter jacket with a darker wash pants or vice versa.


FLIRTY: Look flirty. Show a lil skin with some decency while wearing a crop top and a skater skirt. We know the crop top trend resurfaced from back in the days and is now a crowd pleaser.
What better way to tie the outfit together than with a denim j. Pair with cute girly accessories, sneakers and you’ve got your self a popping outfit!!✨


DENIM FT LBD: Two staple pieces in one outfit. Throw on that little black dress preferable bodycon to accentuate all your curves and edges. That with a denim j?😍.


SWAG UP: Spice up your look by tying a denim jacket round your waist like you would do with a flannel shirt. Make wearing shirt and a pair of jeans or pants look a little bit extra 😉



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