Everyone’s going natural! It’s absolutely no news that natural hair is the new trend , except maybe you’ve been living under a rock๐Ÿ˜‚. It’s the in thing and everyone wants to be in style. I mean who wouldn’t ? Natural hair is so cute and unique!

Natural hair is basically unrelaxed hair or virgin hair(as it is sometimes called). It is hair that is allowed to remain how it grows naturally without the application of relaxer. Some girls that have natural hair have actually never applied relaxer to their hair. Most of the ladies with natural hair today transitioned from relaxed hair. Transitioning involves stoppage of relaxer application, allowing your hair to grow naturally to your desired length and cutting off the relaxed tips.

The beauty of natural hair knows no bounds when it is well cared for. Seriously , what is more adorable than a cute fro? Sadly , some ladies shy away from transitioning because of the ‘work’ involved in maintaining it . But ironically, its not so hard. Its not hard at all ๐Ÿ˜„. Here are some tips.

With the nature and look of natural hair , it must be kept clean. No one wants to see dirty natural hair๐Ÿ™…. It’s heart breaking to see dirty natural hair . So ladies , first things first, you need to shampoo your natural hair often. I will recommend anti-dandruff shampoos or any that has coconut extract. Those should do the trick.


Attention ladies! Natural hair requires a lot of conditioning . After washing , conditioning is key! No conditioning after shampooing leaves you with a tangled mess , no one wants that ๐Ÿ™….
So ladies after washing , apply a generous amount of conditioner onto your hair and massage deeply until it is evenly spread. Then use your afro comb to comb your hair out to get rid of tangles. I prefer leave-in conditioner though .


Natural hair is very curly and extremely prone to tangles . In order to avoid this , your natural hair has to be combed regularly . It is very important to comb your hair when you wake up in the morning ladies . An afro comb is advised .

The key to having your natural hair looking on point is moisturising! Natural hair tends to look very dry and unkempt , moisturising turns this around! Moisturising is very important ladies , be sure to moisturise daily.
You can moisturise with coconut oil , trust me it is superb for natural hair . You can use castor oil too for hair growth , it helps a lot . Be sure to have at least one moisturising product for your hair at a time . ๐Ÿ‘

Once clean and well maintained , the styles you can achieve with natural hair are just endless! From a cute fro , to awesome twist outs ! Bantu knots are just amazing! Just a rubber band is enough! Simply endless! Tutorials on styling natural hair will be posted soon๐Ÿ˜Š

After following these easy maintenance steps , what is left ? To slay of course!
With you natural hair on fleek , why not give yourself a makeover! Take a couple of selfies and put ’em up online!โ˜บ . Go out! Have fun and show off your natural hair ,  be proud of it!

Embrace your natural hair with a big smile ladies! It’s fresh . It’s hip and trending.
It’s natural! Love it! Own it! Rock it!


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