Bullying is becoming rampant in our environment. This is a major issue facing teenagers at schools or other social gatherings. They wonder how to handle it without getting into problems or getting beaten up while trying to defend themselves. Before going on, it will be of utmost importance to identify what bullying actually is. It is the act of using superior strength or influence to intimidate someone. Having identified the meaning of bullying, we need to know that bullying comes in different forms. It could be over the internet (cyber bullying) or physical like in schools which could involve physical assault. The million dollar question is WHAT DO I DO IF I AM BEING BULLIED?

Most people believe they are being bullied because of their stature, hence, making them feel inferior. We must first of all accept that we aren’t inferior to anyone and we should not harness inferiority complex. You should rather see it as them being jealous of something they can’t have. We should understand that bullies are the ones with the inferiority complex not the bullied. We should adopt a method to prevent us from being bullied. The SAR method. STAND UP. ASSERTIVENESS. REPORT. 

We should learn how to stand up for our right and politely state these rights to the bully. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what God has given to you. Your rights. That’s one thing that the bully can’t take and he needs to know this. Being assertive doesn’t mean being rude. It means be firm. Pass your point across without banging the desk or yelling but make sure to stand your ground while being composed to the greatest maximum. Bullies can only threaten you. You need to realise this. They only talk and you need to use this to your advantage. Lastly, be sure to report this bully to the authorities as well as your parents so they can take the right actions against the bully in your favour and for your protection (that is if in schools).

The decision to be bullied lies in your hands. You can choose to allow the bully rule your life or liberate yourself. Every decision and everything that happens in your life is a matter of choice and taking the right steps. You can act up today and act for other people being bullied. Why don’t you be the element of change in that society that is so accustomed to bullies? Why don’t you implement SAR? You can be the change you so desperately search for. Don’t be afraid. Stand up and be firm. With GOD by your side, all things are possible


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