Yeah Yeah Thursday is poem day at Inspired Pens and it is just thrilling. Here is the first one. Hope you all like it. Do let us know what you think.

Life is a stage

A very tough high stage

Plagued with varying heights of stairs

Potholes and abrupt turns

The streets of life are mazed

What are you that you should survive?




Or plain old courageous?

The mystery is, not all stages need stairs

What is it you fight for?

The ability to win in darkened light?

The ability to succeed in a corruption blessed environment?

Or maybe plain old ability to be you

Unlike contests

Life has no paid judges

Why listen to evil pledged mouths?

Or the gold digging words?

Or the filterless entity?

Or the mentally less privileged?

Why waste golden dust?

That is why you should survive

You are gold and you are your only paid judge

Pay yourself what you deem you deserve


And the ability to switch off the hearing aid

Life is everyone’s stage

How high, is a plague for fools.


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