Hey ladies, this week we would be telling you the products you need in your make up kit for starts. Just for starts lol , as you develop your skills in make up, you will get more products .
So, let’s go!

1. A make up bag
You surely need a place to keep all your products. I would recommend a transparent medium sized purse for easy location of products .image

2 . A face primer
This is to prepare the face for make up . It also makes foundation look smooth . If you have oily skin, look for an oil control primer.

3. Foundation
This is a to create a smooth look before application of powder or contouring . Be sure to get your skin colour though.image
4. Concealer
This is used to hide blemishes on the face, to clean out underneath the brows after drawing and it can also be applied to the whole face before foundation . You can get both your skin colour and one a shade lighter .image.jpg

5. Eye shadow pallete
You should get both the shimmery kind and the matte kind.

6. Eye pencil and lip liners

Eye pencils, colour 01 , 03 & 18 are needed . You can get others of your choice. You can get any lip liner colour of your choice .

7. Cake powder and loose powder
These are used to finish up make up application , to set everything together . A loose powder is also used in baking ( a make up process). Also be sure to get your skin colour .

8. Contour and highlight  pallets
This is to make the facial features more obvious and to create a chiselled look .image

9. Mascara
This is used to volumize the eye lashes and make them look longer and sometimes darker .image.jpg

10. Liquid eyeliner and khajal
They are used to draw smooth lines around the eye to make them pop.


11. Lipstick
Lol, who doesn’t know what lipsticks are? 😂. Have fun getting these, get colours of your choice ladies! image

12. A beauty blender
As the name implies , it is used to blend make up well .


13. A brush set
You need brushes to apply certain make up items, as a beginner you can get the eight  pcs brush set .


14 . Blush
This is actually kinda optional, blush gives a bit of colour to the cheeks . When you smile, it makes it look all the more beautiful .

So with all these products , your make up kit will be looking on point ladies!! ☺


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