Have you ever left a place feeling like you should have said something? Do you struggle with getting your point across? Do you keep hearing “did you say something?” Well, you are not alone. A lot of people have problems with speaking their mind and saying what they believe in. Read on to learn how to conquer that feeling.

You know you have valuable points to make, if you can’t get them across, how do you expect to be heard? To do that, you need to make yourself heard.

There are some simple few steps you need to learn:

  • Don’t worry about how people might react to you when speaking up
  • Don’t let aggressive people intimidate you
  • Remain calm, don’t let your emotions take over entirely
  • Don’t yell, get your point across without banging the desk
  • Say what needs to be said without being offensive
  • Connect with people easily
  • Believe in yourself
  • Break through that barrier and be heard

When I wouldn’t want to speak, I began to ask each time “what’s the worst that could happen if I said this?” Next time you want to speak and you can’t, ask “what’s the worst that could happen?” Then push yourself a little further. Once you want to speak, people will yell at you, they will interrupt you but the world won’t end. The speaking will get easier and you will realize you have fallen in love with the vision you never knew you had. You may lose friends but new ones will find you and cherish you. Silence won’t protect you. One thing that is more frightening than speaking is not speaking.

I write to remind you that each and every one of you has a voice and a lot to say. Now, it is just for you to share it. You have to speak up and ignite change because after all, if you don’t say it now, when will you? So, the next time you want to talk, talk and you will be surprised how many people will listen to you. You can’t be heard without speaking and you can never know if you don’t try so SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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