I am sure y’all wondering when this started. It just came to me unno on the spot. I was just wondering how far we have all come this year and different circumstances people have had to go through, how many people have lost their lives and many more. In all of that, none of it is of our own doing. If you wake up and you feeling that it is all your power, bruv you need to watch yourself big time mahn because that is being ungrateful.

Being thankful to the one who gifts us with HIS grace day in day out should be a way of life. You should learn to be thankful both in good times and in the bad times. Always remember that there is a grand plan for your life. Accept that purpose and be great. If you look at other people and you start questioning that plan, sis you need to watch thyself because people slept last night and never saw today. You have life, there is hope.

Be not deceived that there would not be obstacles. Haven’t you heard of nothing good comes easy? However, while thriving through those bad times take a moment and thank God. He is the greatest Healer, the greatest Provider, the greatest Motivator, the greatest Helper and many more. He alone knows your true needs and delivers on His promises. So tell me why not thank Him? What is too big for Him to do?

Most of us have the attitude of only thanking Him when something good breezes in but like I said there will be bad times  so you have to deal with it. Let’s apply this logic, if you are the reason someone is alive and they know it and are grateful, wouldn’t you be happy to keep them alive and keep giving them gifts? Now imagine if they were ungrateful, how would you feel?

It is a wonderful Sunday evening, let us take out time to reflect on the beauty of God and thank Him. If you make a conscious effort to count your blessings you would realise you have not been thankful enough. Our major purpose in life should be to continually develop a relationship with God and walk in the path made for us.

we should also apply this to our neighbours. I mean the commandments includes loving God and loving each other. When good is done unto you be grateful not arrogant or rude. Be humble all the time.

Lastly, I want us to know it is so amazing when you come to terms with how much God loves you and cares for you. It gives you an amazing view of things, changes your outlook towards life and sets you up for better things.

Do remain blessed!!


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