Off the shoulder trend✨❤️


Tell me, where have you gone and not seen a lady wearing an off shoulder piece?I t’s really a must have and a crowd pleaser , I mean a lot of people are rocking em. It’s a trend that should last forever.

Off shoulder pieces are really elegant and graceful.
They could as well look fun and flirty
Off shoulder is well known for accentuating the neck and you don’t have to do too much with any off shoulder piece. That’s a plus to it. No need for bulky accessories , little pendants and chokers are just fine
There are different types of off shoulder pieces
The straight off shoulder is perfect as an A line dress. An off shoulder top can be paired with a midi or mini skater skirt ❤️❤️It’s also nice for a body con fit.



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In fact people are spicing it up and rocking it in their own way. I see these tube tops with hand pieces as sleeves that give that illusion of an off shoulder top or dress. The popular traditional attire which is ankara have been used for these pieces and they’re really pretty ✨😩. The best accessory is a choker

Even most dinner dresses are off shoulder and have that open back😍 like I said elegant and graceful 😁

Some Off shoulders come with ruffles that can be playful and flirty. You could wear such top with denim shorts or skirts


So you could get different off shoulder pieces and add them to your wardrobe. Join the trend😊😊.

Idea credit: TINA

Write up: TEMI.





The intimidating glare Priya gave Clair was enough to give an elephant a heart attack.

As I said before: Uh-oh.

Priya angrily walked to Clair.

“You are a very horrible person first you act all innocent and now I’ve figured out that you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Priya said angrily.

“What about you? You act so friendly but you are so self-centered.” Clair shot back.

“Oh please you are the self-centered one; you make people feel bad for you with an innocent act to get all the attention.”

“Hey everyone let’s all do whatever Priya says because she doesn’t know where her parents are.” Clair announced.

“So what? It’s not like you appreciate yours.” Priya retorted.

“Stop acting mature you are just a sad orphaned girl.” Clair shouted.

Her voice echoed through the hall there was a long silence then Priya lunged at Clair tackling her to the ground.

The students watched the fight like one would watch a WWE match. It lasted for half an hour before the hall monitor and Shei broke the fight.

5 minutes later, they were in the Principal’s office receiving a good lecture about fighting.

Later they came out of his office.

“Do you have anything to say to me?” Clair asked.

“You’ve changed, Miss Popularity.”

Priya walks away. Caitlin walks up to Clair with Casey and Carol behind her.

“Forget that loser you have friends like us now.” Caitlin said.

“Yeah.” Casey and Carol say at the same time.

Caitlin pulls Clair away.


Clair is hanging out with Casey and Carol and Caitlin but is still thinking about her friendship with Priya when Carol shakes her out of her thoughts.

“I’ve been asking you the same question like a hundred times.”

Carol complained.

“Sorry, what was your question?”

“I asked if you think this is cool to wear to Ethan’s club party.” Carol said getting really fed up.

“Who’s Ethan?” Clair asked.

“The Star football player and also Priya Coleman’s big brother.”

“Which Priya?”

“Red hair and carries a camera around.” Carol said with an annoyed look.

Clair thinks for a while and finally talks.

“Yeah it’s nice.” Clair said.

Caitlin rushes in.

“Guys let’s go shopping for Ethan’s club party.”

They head to the mall and after 2hrs 15mins of shopping Priya was with her brother and Clair bumped into her.

Uh-oh awkward. I wouldn’t want to see that go down.


Clair and Priya stared at each other for a long time before her brother broke the silence.

“So Priya isn’t this your friend Clarice?” Ethan asked.

“It’s Clair and she’s not my friend.”

Clair recognized him as the guy who she bumped into a few weeks back.

“Oh Ethan fancy seeing you here.” Caitlin said.

“Yeah my sister dragged me here.” he points to Priya who is looking at them with a forced smile.

“Well we have to get going.” Priya said dragging her brother away but Caitlin stops them.

“I’m sure we can be some help to you.” Caitlin said.

“Yeah why don’t we tag along.” Casey seconded.




“That’s not necessary.” Priya said ignoring them.

“We insist.” Caitlin said.

“Guys if they don’t want company let’s leave them.” Carol said.

“Shut up.” Casey said.

With some maneuvering Priya manages to get out of Caitlin’s claws.

“Girls I have a plan, we follow them everywhere and make it look like a coincidence.” Caitlin offers.

“You mean we stalk them?” Clair said.

“We’ll make it look natural.” Casey said.

They follow them to the food court, the art store,

and even the movies and pretend it’s a coincidence and are always saying: “What are you doing here?”


At school Clair is walking through the halls of Green Bay high but this time with Caitlin, Casey and Carol behind her back and way cooler than before.

The Clone C group head to art class.

“Okay everyone, we will be studying the principles of art. Who can mention them?” Asked the art teacher.

A few hands go up but the teacher picks Clair. She stands up looking so lost.

“Who can help her out?”

Alisa hand goes up.

“Yes Alisa.”

“Dominance, Repetition, and uh….um..”

Carol raises her hand.

“Yes Carol.”

“Variety, Balance, Rhythm, Dominance and many more.” Carol recited.

The whole class applauded except Caitlin and Casey.

After the class there was a big fight between Caitlin and Carol B-story: Carol has left Clone C group.

At Caitlin’s house Caitlin is reminiscing how she is going to humiliate Carol. Right then she had a break down after seeing that the fight had been posted online. I would be sorry if I were Carol.


Ever tried to draw on your brows and you felt it was a total disaster? Ever tried carving your brows and you felt like entering the ground? Ever finished applying your make up and you seem not to be getting the hang of it? You are probably not getting your brows right . But not to worry, this post is just for you.

Make up these days is clearly different from the kind women did about 10 years ago. Why? Women are paying more attention to their brows! I mean they used to draw just straight lines over their brows 💔😭😭😭. So sad . But its different now . Fleeky brows are the in thing now. But quite a number of ladies aren’t getting it still . Keep reading and you’ll be sure to get your brows right next time 😊.
First things first, its is very important to get your brows right as they define the face . Yes, the whole face. So understanding that there are several face shapes will help improve your brow skills.
There are six basic face shapes that different brow shapes sui. I have a chart to help you choose your face shape too


.1 long face
This face shape has the forehead cheekbones and jawline almost the same width. What you aim to achieve with this face shape is a shorter looking face. This can be achieved by drawing straight brows with a soft arch or almost no arch at all . This makes the face look less long.

2. Oval face
The forehead is wider than the chin. The cheek bones are pronounced too. The face gracefully tapers to a narrow chin . People with this face shapes are considered lucky and are said to have the ideal face shape . Not much work is needed to have fab brows . Soft angled arched brows work.

3. Round face
This face shape is widest at the cheeks . It is almost as wide as it is long . What to aim to achieve with this shape is to make the face appear less round . Angled arc brows are the best for round faces . The arcs should be as high as possible . Rounded arcs are a no no.

4. Square face
The forehead cheekbones and jawline are almost the same width . What makes this shape stand out is the square shaped jawline . The bold jaw can be equalled with a thick and bold arc or softened with a curved arc .

5. Heart shaped face
This is kinda similar to oval shape but has a pointier chin . The best brows for this shape are rounded brows . Let me make it easier . Imagine your chin is the tip of the heart and your brows are the top ! 😊

6. Diamond Shape
This is a relatively uncommon face shape .
The forehead is kinda short and the face is widest at the temples . What to aim to achieve is to make the temples appear  less wide . A curved or rounded arc will do the trick 😊


So ladies, those are the most common brow shapes. Take your time to find out your face shape and how it affects your brows . Drawing your brows after understanding this should be wayy easier ☺. I really hope this helps you and takes your frustration away lol.
Keep practicing till you’re able to perfect your brow shape. We’ll see you next week loves. Share your opinions. Like and comment ❤️✨.




At the mall Clair is amazed by the large population. Priya saw her astonished look and gave a pity laugh.

“What’s funny?” Clair asked.

“Oh, it’s just haven’t you ever been to the mall?”

“Nah.” Clair replied in a satisfied look.

“Ok here’s a map, use it.” Priya ordered.

“Oh come on, do you think I’m clueless?”

“…” Priya hesitates.

“… Still waiting…”

“… Well kind of.” Priya continued.

“Ugh, Seriously is that what you think?!”

“It’s just because you’ve never been to the mall.” Priya said

“I can find my way around.” Clair sighed.

“Kay, bye.”

An hour later Clair comes up to Priya looking beautiful with awesome hair and amazing clothes. Priya mouth is open in awestruck.

“What happened? You look like modern day Cinderella!!”

“No need to shout. As I was shopping I met Caitlin and she gave me a crash course in looking awesome.”

“Figures, you look like one of her groupies or clones or whatever.” Priya said with a disgusted look.

“I thought you said I looked like modern day Cinderella and now you say I’m one of her clones.”

“One word of advice: Don’t succumb to her influence.”

“You sound like a warning label.” Clair laughed.

“No I don’t.”

“Yes, you totally do.”

“Whatevs let’s go to my house to study for our test.”

“What test?” Priya asked.

“Our English vocab test.”

“Coming up……” Priya said

“Tuesday 3rd of May by 1:00..” Clair continued.

“Wait, that’s…. Tomorrow?!”

“Duh, wait you didn’t study?”


After a silent trip to Clair’s house she started giggling. Clair giggled at Priya while she spaced out.

“It’s not funny you know.” Priya said.

“It kinda is…” Clair hesitated.

“Kinda what?!” Priya shrieked.

The thought of getting an F angered her.

“Let’s study, it’s not like you’ve taken the test.”

“Oh right let’s study.” Priya said calmly.

“You’re so forgetful, you airhead.”

After 4 hours of studying they decided to get some sleep.



At school Clair runs into Caitlin, in a good way.

“Hi Clair you look awesome today how are you doing today?” Caitlin said.

I know shocking!

“Oh I’m great and you?” Clair asked.

“Awesome I just wanted to invite you over to a Casey’s beach party 3:30.”

“Oh when?” Clair asked.

Caitlin hands her a flyer.

“This Saturday and if you want to blend in…, lose the glasses”

Caitlin struts away.


Immediately Priya runs up to her dressed like a professional photographer.

“What the….”

“Oh this I just wanted to get ready for my art presentation this Saturday, you have to come.”

“Thanks for the invite.”

And with that Priya hands her a flyer and runs off excited.

After some thought Clair throws Priya’s flyer in the bin.

Uh-oh, Priya’s gonna be soooo mad.

“Documentary, specifically, contemplating, acknowledgement, micromanagement, fundamental and controversial” the teacher dictated.

After the test, Clair found Priya talking to a pretty girl with blonde hair in a bob with a camera around her neck. Clair walks up to them.


“Hey Priya who’s this girl?” Clair asked rudely.

“Oh hi this is Shei she’s also doing an art presentation and we were just talking about it–”

“–Before you came.” Shei interrupted rudely.

“Clair did you have something to tell me because we’re kinda busy right now sooo…” Priya said.

“Never mind.” Clair sighed.

“OK bye”

Shei ignores Clair and continues talking to Priya.

Clair is in her room angrily cursing Shei. Right then an image of her old self appeared to her saying: It’s your fault you ignored her invite over some party.

“Shut up what do you know about popularity? You nerd!”

“I’m you, those insults only hurts you.”

The image disappears.

The next day Clair wakes up to the instant buzz of messages from Priya. Clair looked at it, ignored it and got ready for the beach party.

After a long day of volleyball and barbecues and watching guys surf the guilt of ignoring Priya washed away really fast

The next day people are greeting Clair commenting her on her outfits, style and other stuff. Clair was bursting with joy until she saw an angry Priya with an intimidating growl.

Uh-oh this is gonna go down bad.


Apologies for the story not going up yesterday.



People often freak out when it is close to exam period. They enter emergency mode. They stop talking to people because they are ‘reading’. They believe they are going to fail and hence, resort to teaching. Some people believe it is the greatest obstacle in life. But what if I told you that you could overcome this examination fear that grips us all? What if I told you there was a solution? What if I told you that you don’t have to cheat to get your desired grades?

Examinations have been put there for our own good. Tests and the rest are being put for our own good. It is in order to check how well we understand the topics being taught and it is a very good mechanism I must say. With excellence in the exams comes special recognition and everybody or at least almost everybody wants to be the best. Everybody wants to be called up on a stage to be given an award. Everybody wants that recognition but is anybody actually working towards it?

The most important point in preparing for examinations is TIME MANAGEMENT. We gats manage our time. We all have 24 hours in a day. It will not reduce nor increase for you to read or finish something. But there is surely a way we can manage this time and get to do all the things we want to do in a day and have a sense of fulfilment. Time management is the mother of success. If one wants to be successful in whatever one does, one needs to learn how to manage time.

We don’t need to panic about examinations because there is something called ‘preparing ahead’. We need to learn how to STUDY ahead. We need to study and keep studying. I am not going to bant about you reading from the beginning of the term and stuff like that. Why? I quite understand that people read and assimilate at different levels. Some people prepare for exams 2 days before and still do better than those who started reading like from the very beginning. It doesn’t mean the person that starts reading two days before is more intelligent. It only means that he or she understands their body system and knows how to go about their reading. So just understand yourself. No one can understand you better than you.

We need to start viewing examinations as something positive as difficult as it may be. It maybe be a criteria for admission or like just regular tests. Henceforth, let’s start understanding ourselves and let’s start managing our time. Its 24hours y’all. Your time starts NOW!


My bestie my bestie my bestie 🎶


Afomachukwu Ajufo. I met you three years ago. I remember it so vividly. It took a while before we starting talking. Never imagined you’ll be one of my best friends. The three years feel like forever. I never regret meeting you one bit
Our relationship has really gone a long way and I’m really happy about that
The only sexy thick beautiful scorpio woman I know. Well apart from myself 😂
You’re so smart
Our human calculator
Walking dictionary
Your command of English is excellent like 😭😭✨
You’re such an understanding person
People think you’re mean because they are not patient enough to study a rare gem like you
You’re too much fun. With your laughter like an in sow pig💔😪
And your voice 💔💔💔💔. Like a cat in a blender. But I love you that way
You’re a very strong focused determined young lady that’ll for sure turn out to be a successful woman
You’re charming passionate intelligent and strong. The best thing is that you are also my best friend.
You always know the right words to say
You give me hope always
You support me in the best way possible
Thanks a lot babe
I remember our fight that got us not talking for like half the term😪
It kills me to say this but your cooking skills are Faya ✨🎉
My partner in thickness
Juff mama😂😂
Selzy mama 🌚😂
This delta igbo girl that will not accept she’s igbo😒
Mama that doesn’t take rubbish 😂😂
We were supposed to have our baiday bash. But even if I’m not there please turn the fuck up
I can’t wait for you to come back
I also can wait for us to be roommates 😏😉
Imy so much
I love you so much too❤
Happy sweet sixteen ❤
My bestie my bestie my bestie 🎧🎶
I’m older than you you won’t accept it😂😂
Age with grace baby girl
I pray that the lord makes his face shine on you and be gracious to you
As you turn sixteen, may you be blessed with health throughout your life
May you always enjoy the love of family and friends
May you continue to enjoy new experiences with God and may your walk with him be closer than ever
Happy birthday bestfriend 🎉🎂🎈



imageThe answer is no, no it doesn’t. There are a lot of girls, ladies and women out there on the big side that think it’s perfect to throw on something big and oversized so they don’t look bigger. That actually makes you look bigger than you actually are.

Ladies we need to first get comfortable with our body.
Be happy knowing that you are pretty either way
Don’t be afraid to accentuate your lovely curves.
Show what your mama gave you lol.
It’s quite easy to look fabulous being plus sized. I mean I do it every time lol.

You should understand that wearing oversized clothes actually makes you look way bigger than you actually are
You should wear what is exactly your size.
You should wear what accentuates your figure. These are some tips to help you dress:

You should avoid bigger prints because they only make you look bigger


Go for darker colours. They tend to look slimming


Stripes are great for a plus size wardrobe. Just avoid horizontal stripes on your bottom half. They are great to enhance your bust line. Go for vertical and diagonal on your bottom half instead


Choose a dark wash skinny jean
This is the best slimming option for a plus sized lady


If you’re pear shaped meaning you bear most of your weight on the bottom half of your body you should go with an A line cut. That is a skater skirt. It’ll look fabulous. It also accentuates your waistline and show your waist actually exist



I assure you will be slaying every outfit  if you incorporate these. Like and comment 😊❤️