A Brief Introduction

Happy New Month Inspired fam!!! It has been a solid month since Inspired Pens became very active. We thought what better way to begin the new month than by giving a brief introduction to some of the brains behind the progress thus far? So here we go!!!


A scorpio woman born on the eleventh of November with a flare for fashion. Hoping to study medicine and surgery.
She’s smart, intelligent, strong, beautiful creative and determined.
I just introduced to you Temidayo Ololade Onyinye Bilkis Oderombi.

She is one of the fabulous minds behind the fashion and beauty segment on the blog. Do follow her on instagram: temi.od, snapchat: Teyytey1 and twitter: temi_mama.

New to the family is:


Kanyinsola Zainab Isioma Oderombi. Born on the sixteenth of April. With a powerful passion for writing at a young age. Smart, pretty, cute , very mischievous, intelligent and very artistic.
Loves reading, writing, drawing and also science. She has been recently added to the team behind stories. Y’all should look out for them on Saturdays.


I’m Bello Oluwatimileyin Deborah.
I’m dark skinned, slim and a 5’6.
I hope to study medicine and surgery.
I love reading books,singing and designing at my free time.
I’m nice, loving, smart ,cute ,caring and pretty and a very good listener.
My talents centre on humanistic interests and approaches.
I have a flair for hair styling and makeup and lastly September’s very own and best. She is the brain behind the designs and Here’s to Health column. Do follow her on Snapchat: @omg_its_timiiey and on IG:  cupcake.from.heaven


Bidemi Folorunso. P.R.O of the inspired pens team. 5″10 inches tall. Loves to gist, talk and make friends. A critic and a lover of creativity but also not very creative 😂😂. Do follow her on IG: blaq.crystel and facebook: Folorunso Abidemi.


Heyy my name is Ajufo Afomachukwu from Delta State. I am 15 years turning 16 on November 15. I am one of the article writers of this innovative blog, Inspired Pens. I am of average height, fair in complexion and a bit plump lol. I admire creativity. Despite being in the science department, I have a flair for creativity and that is why I have put it into writing.  I am not a fan of sports lol but I do enjoy sports like badminton, chess(yes chess is a sport lol) and table tennis. I am emotional to a fault sometimes and I believe in helping people a lot. I aspire to be a medical doctor, paediatrician to be specific.
I would really like everyone to embrace their creative side because everyone has that side..I am only on whatsapp guys! You can reach out to me on: 08059664199… I love you guys. Stay blessed.


My name is Emelogu Odichukwumma Ezinwa…16…..favorite colour is pink…born september 18 loves to read and watch movies…videographer, also a writer for the inspired pens…aspires to become a pharmacist. Do follow her on IG: odi.mma


My name is Ebubechukwu Natalia Ajufo (Queen Natalia). Born 18th February. I am a final year law student. What can I say? I am just a normal girl with a dream to do big things. I do not believe myself to be utterly beautiful but I do see my beauty through creativity. I enjoy writing, hair making and generally anything that involves actively using my hands. I would consider myself as intelligent enough, playful and kind. I am a giver to a fault like for real. I need to be stopped..lol!I am behind the general upkeep of this baby (the blog). Do follow me on twitter: @Mz_C4, snapchat: Natalia Juf/ebubs18 and IG: ebube_juf. 

It is evident that the team is made up of  beauty and brains. Yay!!! In the same spirit, do follow Inspired Pens on twitter as @inspiredpens and on IG: inspiredpens16. let’s build a family people.

Inspired Pens.

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