Weird Quirky Clair walks through the halls of Green Bay high school and crashes into someone with a thud. She looks up to see a pretty girl dressed like a high school princess.

“What are you?” the girl asked rudely

“smffrrms” Clair mumbled

“What was that nerd?” the girl asked aloud for the people to hear.

Laughter erupts in the hallway behind Clair. At that time she felt like being swallowed by the ground. She quickly rushed into the room that she thought was “the girls bathroom “. Immediately she opened her eyes, she saw the room was filled with boys, so she quickly ran out before anyone could say anything.

As she rushed out of the bathroom, she entered an empty classroom. In the class room, she saw a red-haired girl pacing around the room.

“Why does everyone want to humiliate me?” Clair said.

But as Clair wanted to exit the room, the girl grabbed her hand.

“No wait, I’m not like Katlin” says the red-haired

“who’s Katlin? ” Clair said

“She’s the most popular girl in school” said the red-haired girl. “I can imagine how that feels like: Popularity, Cute outfits,…. She’s living a dream.” Clair says.

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“Why?” Clair asks.

“She has repeated the grade about 2 times”

“What?!” Clair screams.

“Well even though some peo–“

The bell rings.

“Oh time to get to class,” the girl said.

“Wait I didn’t catch your name”

” I’m Priya” said the red-haired girl.

Clair rushes to her first class; Chemistry.

She got humiliated 2 times in a row it was like bad luck followed her every where. At lunch she spilled her food on her self, she got insulted by every teacher that saw her that day. The insults floated around her head: “Were you this ugly as a child?” The chemistry teacher said. “Why are you so senseless?” the biology teacher complained.

She went home hoping to find peace.

“How was your first day of school?” Her mom asked.

“Horrible, I got insulted by every one.” Clair declared.

“Well why?”

“Because of how I dress, I don’t wear designer clothes to school,” Clair replied.

“Because they are expensive.”

“Then give me more money to buy them.”

“We don’t have that type of money,” her mom complained.

“Because of your crummy jobs” she shot back.

“Clair you can’t talk to me like that.” The mom exclaimed.


Clair runs to her room and cried herself to sleep.

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