Hmm. So guys, exactly sixteen years ago a damsel that shines brighter than the brightest thing was born. She is a rare gem in the sense that when she came into the world, the earth felt her presence. When people look at her, they stare in admiration because God did this one perfect! I could describe her as one of the strongest ladies I know. I know this for a fact and no one can actually question it. Despite having faced a lot, she still managed to scale through it all. Normal people would rather give up on life. She is beautiful and brainy. She is of moderate height and she is the only person on the surface of the earth that slays in thickness! I do too though lol. She rocks her open teeth and it sparkles.

I got to know this diamond on the 23rd day of September, 2013. It was the day I met one of my best friends (we ll definitely fight about this). I remember the day like it was yesterday. We have that sorta friendship. That friendship in which we plan to live each other knowing fully well we will kill each other.

As you see this girl so, she can sulk for Africa but who cares?! I remember our very first disastrous fight caused by a misunderstanding. We made up while playing darts lol. I just shake my head for this girl. She has a heart of gold. Even if she chooses to hide it, her sweetness can’t help but radiate. She ranks third among my league of razz friends. Yeah!!! She is so annoyingly shy.

What words do I use to describe her? Beautiful, smart, intelligent, brilliant, sexy… She has the voice of an angel.

I might have known you for just three years but it feels like I have known for you the whole of eternity. I might not be with you on this day but you know we have that telepathy thing going on lol. So so so who have I been talking about? “no other person than Oderombi Ololade Temidayo Onyinye Bilkisu!!!!!! She is the perfect example of the yoruba igbo Christian Muslim girl..

Lol bae, I wish you very best life has to offer. I pray today as you open a new chapter of your life, God opens it with you and makes every crooked path straight. I pray that as you turn 16, God grants you heart desires. You shall not die before your time but shall live to fulfil the purpose of God in your life. I pray that all the happiness you ever wished for be given to you. The Lord’s protection is yours.

Happy birthday Temmz love. Happy new year. Much love from bestie no 1. Have a blast hunnay!!!


The whole family at Inspired Pens wishes Temi a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Long life and prosperity!!


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