Clair woke up and headed down stairs. She found her parents dancing like cave men that found meat.

“What is going on with you guys?” Clair asked.

Her parents ignored her and continued dancing. She shrugs and walks away, later she finds out that her father was given a promotion at work. She was so happy after hearing the news.

“So I will change my looks to fit in the popularity rat race.” She thought happily at school.

Then again she collides with something, she looks up to see a guy in a varsity jacket.

“Not again,” she said.

“Sorry excuse me,” he said so saintly.

The guy was actually the opposite of what Clair thought of him: innocent, pure minded, yeah right. All the guy had to do was to put on a pleading smile while looking innocent.

“Oh no problem.”

“Thank you…” he hesitated.

“You’re welcome.”

She walked away quietly looking so astonished by his kindness. While she was looking so lost in thought the bell rang.

Clair was on her way to her first class; Home Economics. She met Priya on a bench looking around nervously. Clair goes to meet Priya.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Clair asked.

“It’s just that I have an art presentation and my Grandma is busy.” Priya replied rather sadly.

“What about your parents?” Clair asked very concerned.

“They….. I don’t know.” Priya said bending her head.

“Well I know I’ll come.” Clair assured her.

She hugs Clair.

“Thanks for the support.” she said.

The teacher comes in and the class starts.

At lunch.

Priya comes to sit near Clair.

“So I think I’m going shopping after school”, Priya said.

 “What for?” Clair asked.

“To get presentable clothes for my presentation, there are going to be talent Scouts especially Mr Lés Denvës and his son Ender.” She said with a disgusted look in her eyes.

“Who’s Mr Lés Denvës and why did you say that last part with that look?” Clair asked with interest.

“He’s the owner of “Arts of our Talents High school” and his son is always looking for a way to make me mess up my one and only chance but that’s not gonna happen again.” Priya retorted with confidence.

“What do you mean again?” Clair asked.

“Well… never mind, what are you going to do at the mall?” Priya asked.

“Just pick out some clothes.”

The bell rings and they head to class.


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