imageThe answer is no, no it doesn’t. There are a lot of girls, ladies and women out there on the big side that think it’s perfect to throw on something big and oversized so they don’t look bigger. That actually makes you look bigger than you actually are.

Ladies we need to first get comfortable with our body.
Be happy knowing that you are pretty either way
Don’t be afraid to accentuate your lovely curves.
Show what your mama gave you lol.
It’s quite easy to look fabulous being plus sized. I mean I do it every time lol.

You should understand that wearing oversized clothes actually makes you look way bigger than you actually are
You should wear what is exactly your size.
You should wear what accentuates your figure. These are some tips to help you dress:

You should avoid bigger prints because they only make you look bigger


Go for darker colours. They tend to look slimming


Stripes are great for a plus size wardrobe. Just avoid horizontal stripes on your bottom half. They are great to enhance your bust line. Go for vertical and diagonal on your bottom half instead


Choose a dark wash skinny jean
This is the best slimming option for a plus sized lady


If you’re pear shaped meaning you bear most of your weight on the bottom half of your body you should go with an A line cut. That is a skater skirt. It’ll look fabulous. It also accentuates your waistline and show your waist actually exist


I assure you will be slaying every outfit  if you incorporate these. Like and comment 😊❤️


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