People often freak out when it is close to exam period. They enter emergency mode. They stop talking to people because they are ‘reading’. They believe they are going to fail and hence, resort to teaching. Some people believe it is the greatest obstacle in life. But what if I told you that you could overcome this examination fear that grips us all? What if I told you there was a solution? What if I told you that you don’t have to cheat to get your desired grades?

Examinations have been put there for our own good. Tests and the rest are being put for our own good. It is in order to check how well we understand the topics being taught and it is a very good mechanism I must say. With excellence in the exams comes special recognition and everybody or at least almost everybody wants to be the best. Everybody wants to be called up on a stage to be given an award. Everybody wants that recognition but is anybody actually working towards it?

The most important point in preparing for examinations is TIME MANAGEMENT. We gats manage our time. We all have 24 hours in a day. It will not reduce nor increase for you to read or finish something. But there is surely a way we can manage this time and get to do all the things we want to do in a day and have a sense of fulfilment. Time management is the mother of success. If one wants to be successful in whatever one does, one needs to learn how to manage time.

We don’t need to panic about examinations because there is something called ‘preparing ahead’. We need to learn how to STUDY ahead. We need to study and keep studying. I am not going to bant about you reading from the beginning of the term and stuff like that. Why? I quite understand that people read and assimilate at different levels. Some people prepare for exams 2 days before and still do better than those who started reading like from the very beginning. It doesn’t mean the person that starts reading two days before is more intelligent. It only means that he or she understands their body system and knows how to go about their reading. So just understand yourself. No one can understand you better than you.

We need to start viewing examinations as something positive as difficult as it may be. It maybe be a criteria for admission or like just regular tests. Henceforth, let’s start understanding ourselves and let’s start managing our time. Its 24hours y’all. Your time starts NOW!


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