At the mall Clair is amazed by the large population. Priya saw her astonished look and gave a pity laugh.

“What’s funny?” Clair asked.

“Oh, it’s just haven’t you ever been to the mall?”

“Nah.” Clair replied in a satisfied look.

“Ok here’s a map, use it.” Priya ordered.

“Oh come on, do you think I’m clueless?”

“…” Priya hesitates.

“… Still waiting…”

“… Well kind of.” Priya continued.

“Ugh, Seriously is that what you think?!”

“It’s just because you’ve never been to the mall.” Priya said

“I can find my way around.” Clair sighed.

“Kay, bye.”

An hour later Clair comes up to Priya looking beautiful with awesome hair and amazing clothes. Priya mouth is open in awestruck.

“What happened? You look like modern day Cinderella!!”

“No need to shout. As I was shopping I met Caitlin and she gave me a crash course in looking awesome.”

“Figures, you look like one of her groupies or clones or whatever.” Priya said with a disgusted look.

“I thought you said I looked like modern day Cinderella and now you say I’m one of her clones.”

“One word of advice: Don’t succumb to her influence.”

“You sound like a warning label.” Clair laughed.

“No I don’t.”

“Yes, you totally do.”

“Whatevs let’s go to my house to study for our test.”

“What test?” Priya asked.

“Our English vocab test.”

“Coming up……” Priya said

“Tuesday 3rd of May by 1:00..” Clair continued.

“Wait, that’s…. Tomorrow?!”

“Duh, wait you didn’t study?”

After a silent trip to Clair’s house she started giggling. Clair giggled at Priya while she spaced out.

“It’s not funny you know.” Priya said.

“It kinda is…” Clair hesitated.

“Kinda what?!” Priya shrieked.

The thought of getting an F angered her.

“Let’s study, it’s not like you’ve taken the test.”

“Oh right let’s study.” Priya said calmly.

“You’re so forgetful, you airhead.”

After 4 hours of studying they decided to get some sleep.


At school Clair runs into Caitlin, in a good way.

“Hi Clair you look awesome today how are you doing today?” Caitlin said.

I know shocking!

“Oh I’m great and you?” Clair asked.

“Awesome I just wanted to invite you over to a Casey’s beach party 3:30.”

“Oh when?” Clair asked.

Caitlin hands her a flyer.

“This Saturday and if you want to blend in…, lose the glasses”

Caitlin struts away.


Immediately Priya runs up to her dressed like a professional photographer.

“What the….”

“Oh this I just wanted to get ready for my art presentation this Saturday, you have to come.”

“Thanks for the invite.”

And with that Priya hands her a flyer and runs off excited.

After some thought Clair throws Priya’s flyer in the bin.

Uh-oh, Priya’s gonna be soooo mad.

“Documentary, specifically, contemplating, acknowledgement, micromanagement, fundamental and controversial” the teacher dictated.

After the test, Clair found Priya talking to a pretty girl with blonde hair in a bob with a camera around her neck. Clair walks up to them.

“Hey Priya who’s this girl?” Clair asked rudely.

“Oh hi this is Shei she’s also doing an art presentation and we were just talking about it–“

“–Before you came.” Shei interrupted rudely.

“Clair did you have something to tell me because we’re kinda busy right now sooo…” Priya said.

“Never mind.” Clair sighed.

“OK bye”

Shei ignores Clair and continues talking to Priya.

Clair is in her room angrily cursing Shei. Right then an image of her old self appeared to her saying: It’s your fault you ignored her invite over some party.

“Shut up what do you know about popularity? You nerd!”

“I’m you, those insults only hurts you.”

The image disappears.

The next day Clair wakes up to the instant buzz of messages from Priya. Clair looked at it, ignored it and got ready for the beach party.

After a long day of volleyball and barbecues and watching guys surf the guilt of ignoring Priya washed away really fast

The next day people are greeting Clair commenting her on her outfits, style and other stuff. Clair was bursting with joy until she saw an angry Priya with an intimidating growl.

Uh-oh this is gonna go down bad.


Apologies for the story not going up yesterday.


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