Ever tried to draw on your brows and you felt it was a total disaster? Ever tried carving your brows and you felt like entering the ground? Ever finished applying your make up and you seem not to be getting the hang of it? You are probably not getting your brows right . But not to worry, this post is just for you.

Make up these days is clearly different from the kind women did about 10 years ago. Why? Women are paying more attention to their brows! I mean they used to draw just straight lines over their brows 💔😭😭😭. So sad . But its different now . Fleeky brows are the in thing now. But quite a number of ladies aren’t getting it still . Keep reading and you’ll be sure to get your brows right next time 😊.
First things first, its is very important to get your brows right as they define the face . Yes, the whole face. So understanding that there are several face shapes will help improve your brow skills.
There are six basic face shapes that different brow shapes sui. I have a chart to help you choose your face shape too


.1 long face
This face shape has the forehead cheekbones and jawline almost the same width. What you aim to achieve with this face shape is a shorter looking face. This can be achieved by drawing straight brows with a soft arch or almost no arch at all . This makes the face look less long.

2. Oval face
The forehead is wider than the chin. The cheek bones are pronounced too. The face gracefully tapers to a narrow chin . People with this face shapes are considered lucky and are said to have the ideal face shape . Not much work is needed to have fab brows . Soft angled arched brows work.

3. Round face
This face shape is widest at the cheeks . It is almost as wide as it is long . What to aim to achieve with this shape is to make the face appear less round . Angled arc brows are the best for round faces . The arcs should be as high as possible . Rounded arcs are a no no.

4. Square face
The forehead cheekbones and jawline are almost the same width . What makes this shape stand out is the square shaped jawline . The bold jaw can be equalled with a thick and bold arc or softened with a curved arc .

5. Heart shaped face
This is kinda similar to oval shape but has a pointier chin . The best brows for this shape are rounded brows . Let me make it easier . Imagine your chin is the tip of the heart and your brows are the top ! 😊

6. Diamond Shape
This is a relatively uncommon face shape .
The forehead is kinda short and the face is widest at the temples . What to aim to achieve is to make the temples appear  less wide . A curved or rounded arc will do the trick 😊


So ladies, those are the most common brow shapes. Take your time to find out your face shape and how it affects your brows . Drawing your brows after understanding this should be wayy easier ☺. I really hope this helps you and takes your frustration away lol.
Keep practicing till you’re able to perfect your brow shape. We’ll see you next week loves. Share your opinions. Like and comment ❤️✨.


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