The intimidating glare Priya gave Clair was enough to give an elephant a heart attack.

As I said before: Uh-oh.

Priya angrily walked to Clair.

“You are a very horrible person first you act all innocent and now I’ve figured out that you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Priya said angrily.

“What about you? You act so friendly but you are so self-centered.” Clair shot back.

“Oh please you are the self-centered one; you make people feel bad for you with an innocent act to get all the attention.”

“Hey everyone let’s all do whatever Priya says because she doesn’t know where her parents are.” Clair announced.

“So what? It’s not like you appreciate yours.” Priya retorted.

“Stop acting mature you are just a sad orphaned girl.” Clair shouted.

Her voice echoed through the hall there was a long silence then Priya lunged at Clair tackling her to the ground.

The students watched the fight like one would watch a WWE match. It lasted for half an hour before the hall monitor and Shei broke the fight.

5 minutes later, they were in the Principal’s office receiving a good lecture about fighting.

Later they came out of his office.

“Do you have anything to say to me?” Clair asked.

“You’ve changed, Miss Popularity.”

Priya walks away. Caitlin walks up to Clair with Casey and Carol behind her.

“Forget that loser you have friends like us now.” Caitlin said.

“Yeah.” Casey and Carol say at the same time.

Caitlin pulls Clair away.

Clair is hanging out with Casey and Carol and Caitlin but is still thinking about her friendship with Priya when Carol shakes her out of her thoughts.

“I’ve been asking you the same question like a hundred times.”

Carol complained.

“Sorry, what was your question?”

“I asked if you think this is cool to wear to Ethan’s club party.” Carol said getting really fed up.

“Who’s Ethan?” Clair asked.

“The Star football player and also Priya Coleman’s big brother.”

“Which Priya?”

“Red hair and carries a camera around.” Carol said with an annoyed look.

Clair thinks for a while and finally talks.

“Yeah it’s nice.” Clair said.

Caitlin rushes in.

“Guys let’s go shopping for Ethan’s club party.”

They head to the mall and after 2hrs 15mins of shopping Priya was with her brother and Clair bumped into her.

Uh-oh awkward. I wouldn’t want to see that go down.


Clair and Priya stared at each other for a long time before her brother broke the silence.

“So Priya isn’t this your friend Clarice?” Ethan asked.

“It’s Clair and she’s not my friend.”

Clair recognized him as the guy who she bumped into a few weeks back.

“Oh Ethan fancy seeing you here.” Caitlin said.

“Yeah my sister dragged me here.” he points to Priya who is looking at them with a forced smile.

“Well we have to get going.” Priya said dragging her brother away but Caitlin stops them.

“I’m sure we can be some help to you.” Caitlin said.

“Yeah why don’t we tag along.” Casey seconded.

“That’s not necessary.” Priya said ignoring them.

“We insist.” Caitlin said.

“Guys if they don’t want company let’s leave them.” Carol said.

“Shut up.” Casey said.

With some maneuvering Priya manages to get out of Caitlin’s claws.

“Girls I have a plan, we follow them everywhere and make it look like a coincidence.” Caitlin offers.

“You mean we stalk them?” Clair said.

“We’ll make it look natural.” Casey said.

They follow them to the food court, the art store,

and even the movies and pretend it’s a coincidence and are always saying: “What are you doing here?”

At school Clair is walking through the halls of Green Bay high but this time with Caitlin, Casey and Carol behind her back and way cooler than before.

The Clone C group head to art class.

“Okay everyone, we will be studying the principles of art. Who can mention them?” Asked the art teacher.

A few hands go up but the teacher picks Clair. She stands up looking so lost.

“Who can help her out?”

Alisa hand goes up.

“Yes Alisa.”

“Dominance, Repetition, and uh….um..”

Carol raises her hand.

“Yes Carol.”

“Variety, Balance, Rhythm, Dominance and many more.” Carol recited.

The whole class applauded except Caitlin and Casey.

After the class there was a big fight between Caitlin and Carol B-story: Carol has left Clone C group.

At Caitlin’s house Caitlin is reminiscing how she is going to humiliate Carol. Right then she had a break down after seeing that the fight had been posted online. I would be sorry if I were Carol.

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