Off the shoulder trend✨❤️

Tell me, where have you gone and not seen a lady wearing an off shoulder piece?I t’s really a must have and a crowd pleaser , I mean a lot of people are rocking em. It’s a trend that should last forever.

Off shoulder pieces are really elegant and graceful.
They could as well look fun and flirty
Off shoulder is well known for accentuating the neck and you don’t have to do too much with any off shoulder piece. That’s a plus to it. No need for bulky accessories , little pendants and chokers are just fine
There are different types of off shoulder pieces
The straight off shoulder is perfect as an A line dress. An off shoulder top can be paired with a midi or mini skater skirt ❤️❤️It’s also nice for a body con fit.


In fact people are spicing it up and rocking it in their own way. I see these tube tops with hand pieces as sleeves that give that illusion of an off shoulder top or dress. The popular traditional attire which is ankara have been used for these pieces and they’re really pretty ✨😩. The best accessory is a choker

Even most dinner dresses are off shoulder and have that open back😍 like I said elegant and graceful 😁

Some Off shoulders come with ruffles that can be playful and flirty. You could wear such top with denim shorts or skirts


So you could get different off shoulder pieces and add them to your wardrobe. Join the trend😊😊.

Idea credit: TINA

Write up: TEMI.


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