Your mom cooks the best food ever in the universe. We know that. But if one day you want to try food which (would never be better of course) would be different from your mother’s, then this article is for you.

When you are out of country, you need some hints not to get lost in the variety of tastes and flavors. We will give you a list of stories not only about best destinations for food, but also about how to understand what is on your plate. What are the must-eats and must-drinks? And what you should avoid not to get into awkward situations…

Which are the Best Countries in the World for Food? Let’s start! Don’t get overexcited though, this list is not a rating- it’s just a collection of delicious destinations!



The main ingredients of Vietnamese food include shrimp paste, fish sauce, rice, herbs, Thai basil, fruits and vegetables. But at the same time, unlike other Asian countries, Vietnam has one of the healthiest foods in this region.


There are many things in general you can try, from salads to hot dishes, from sweets to soups. But if you want something traditional, cheap and fast – it`s definitely souvlaki. The iconic dish of Greece is a fast food that you usually can find anywhere on the streets, in the bars, in small take-out shops and cafes. You will see souvlaki over the whole country. And if you are lucky enough to be invited to a house party of Greek people – ask for Moussaka. It is the best when it`s homemade.


It’s hard to speak about Italian food, it’s better to enjoy it. The traditional colours of Italian cuisine – red, green and yellow always create a great mixture of flavor and taste. Usually all the dishes are based on tomato, bread and olive oil. The secret of the cuisine is not in a sophisticated preparation process, it is more in the freshness of the products.


Pakistanis, being Muslims, don’t consume pork and alcohol, they rather concentrate on beef, chicken, fish and vegetables. They also use a lot of flavors, you will see these in majority of dishes: chilli powder, ginger, curry, coriander, paprika, cinnamon and garlic.


Filipino cuisine is based on a mixture of different traditional foods of India, Spain, China and America.


Like many other Asian cuisines, Thai cooking uses rice as a basic ingredient for the majority of dishes. The word “food” in Thai language means literally “to eat rice”. Furthermore, it has 5 main tastes, which you may meet in almost every dish. These are: sour lime, savoury fish sauce, hot chilli, salt and sweetness (usually added by palm tree).


Japanese food is one of a kind. You will never mistake it. Sushi, Sashimi, Unagi, and sake… we all know this. But this cuisine is not only about products and recipes, here a lot is about their indigenous culture and traditions. It is not surprising then that they made the whole world eat with chopsticks instead of knives and forks.


It’s all about enormously tasty foods. Various pastries, soups, meat dishes and unexpected mixture of tastes – you may find all these in Ukrainian cuisine.
The famous Russian beetroot soup, borsch/borscht, actually comes from Ukrainian cuisine. Ukrainian borsch is a little bit different than the Russian one, but you will hardly notice. Anyways – it rocks.


It is not a coincidence that you will find Chinese food pretty much everywhere. But remember, there are 2 types of Chinese cuisine – authentic and fake. How to identify the first type? Easy. If you are in China – it’s all over. If you are in your city’s Chinese restaurant – choose the place where customers are Chinese, not tourists.


As we remember, the cow is a sacred animal here and the majority of Indians are vegetarians. Traditional Indian food uses many different spices and is slathered with  flavourful sauce. They are also big fans of Indian homemade white cheese, called Panir. Every dish is traditionally accompanied by naan bread. Of course, rice is one of the basic products of Indian cuisine as well.
Concerning alcohol – you would not find it anywhere in India, almost nowhere. Only Goa is famous for parties and drinks, because there is no alcohol tax here, unlike all other states of India.


With a huge variety of dining: from the simple street food to gorgeous restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, which was ranked first in the The World’s Best 50 Restaurants 2015, Spain has a lot to offer for a foodie traveller.


We all know France for being a gourmet capital. Well, seems like it deserves this title. Croissant with a little cup of coffee in the morning – it’s a must do in France.
All the food best-sellers come from here: baguettes, macaroni, praline, Madeleines, pain au chocolat, raisin brioche bread… The list is enormous. Onion cake and fish soup sound weird, but the French know how to make it delicious as well.


Warm, sunny, blue sea and litres of tequila – this is the ideal picture of Mexico. Actually, this is not only positive, but also true and realistic. Add to this corn, beans, tomato and chilli peppers, and you would get there.


Switzerland is country where 3 different cultures intersect: Italian, French and German. This is why it is sometimes hard to identify the characteristic of Swiss food. But apart from chocolate and cheese, they still have something to be proud of.


The Portuguese cuisine might be characterised by one short sentence from my friend Solene, she is French and spend half a year in Portugal, she says: “The cuisine is amazing, but be ready to gain 5 kilos in 6 months”. Mmm, let’s risk it and go for it.


Rice, vegetables and meats are the main ingredients of this cuisine. In addition to that you will also find a variety of all flavors in Korean dishes – sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, pepper flakes and fermented red chilli paste.


Thanks to IKEA, we all know that Sweden is famous for meatballs with cream sauce and mashed potato, served with pickles. Historically, they also cooked reindeer meat. Usually, Swedish food is simple with contrasting flavors.



Montenegrin cuisine has an Italian flavour, Russian-sized dishes and French quantity of various pastries. Montenegro is well-known for cheese-making, wine and spirits, different soups and meat dishes. This cuisine is made to delight your preferences and to warm you during  cold seasons.


This cuisine will surprise you. Although Aussies don’t have a strong history of culinary traditions, they do have some unexpected features in food habits. Apart from multicultural food from all over the world, you will find here some local specialities, such as kangaroo, possum, ostrich and crocodile meat.


Probably the best food destination to exist. Not because of strong American culinary traditions, but more because New York City gathers all of the cuisines mentioned before. Here you can find anything you want. But of course, NY City American cuisine. Tempting burgers and succulent steaks – these are the best sellers in New York.


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