It is a new month people and we sure do need to be really thankful. Tell me, why exactly are people dying and we are still living? Are we that righteous? Or that good? Or that charitable? Or are we the best set of Christians there is? No no no! God’s unfailing love has kept us because He has a purpose for our lives and we need to fulfil it to the glory of His holy name.

No doubt, some people are 100% assured that there’s nothing to be thankful for. Some people are sure that there is no God. Some people are sure that even if God exists, He is very wicked. Some people believe in their own powers without regard to anything or anyone. Well can we blame them? Some things that happen definitely show the opposite of who God is. I know I know. We have heard these bants one too many times eh? Too bad. There is no limit at all to how we talk about God’s wonders and His mighty works.

Let’s take an illustration. Mr Epe is a wealthy doctor, happily married with two kids. He is a devoted catholic and his faith is deeply rooted. His wife as well as his children are also devoted Catholics. Mr Epe goes out one Sunday afternoon to look for the less privileged to help and take into his NGO like he does every Sunday. Then he gets a distressed call from his wife that their first son suddenly, mysteriously is down with a fever. He insists that he finishes his work before coming in and in the main time that he should be appropriately taken care of. He gets back in the night and hears that his son passed away few minutes ago. Oouch. I will feel betrayed by God, wouldn’t you? But does God betray His own? Then comes the grief of the Epe family and then another disaster strikes. His wife and second child die in a dastardly accident. When he was told, he smiled. He smiled not a smile of sorrow but a smile of joy. And he was asked why? He replied I am sure that my wife and two kids made it to heaven and since that is our purpose of coming into this world, he is more than happy. Mr Epe continued his act of charity, being a devoted catholic and he continued living like nothing happened waiting for the day he will be in heaven with his family and God.

If it was me, let me not lie. I can’t do that and then one individual will say ‘God has a reason’. I will slap that person o. But dear sisters and brothers, God does have a reason for everything He does. Absolutely everything. His eyes never shut and he doesn’t sleep nor slumber. The question is how do you manage to see through the pain and keep looking unto God for help? I must say, it is not easy at all. It is not easy in any way but remember that God won’t take you anywhere His grace cannot protect you. Let’s believe this wholeheartedly. Why do we need to thank God? Thank him for waking you up. For this life we see as mere, some people are battling for it. Let’s not desist from thanking God, the same way His steadfast love never ceases. Let us not try to understand HIS ways, you might end up having migraines. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

These things you refer to as bants are things you cannot do without. Let’s embrace them now. As we go through the course of this month, let’s remember these things. Let’s keep trusting HIM. I pray that GOD almighty helps us.

The following are bible verses that should help us in trusting God

  • Genesis 15:6-10
  • Galatians 3:6-9
  • 2 Kings 5:13-15
  • Luke 12:8-10
  • John 12:37-43
  • Romans 1: 18-20


Please let’s try to look up the above verses. Stay blessed!!


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