The Month of JANUARY!!!

About the Month of January

January is the 1st month of the year and has 31 days.

Season (Northern Hemisphere): Winter

Special Days and Holidays

First Week

January   1  New Years Day

January   2  National Science Fiction Day

January   4  Trivia Day

January   5  National Bird Day

January   6  Sherlock Holmes’ Birthday

January   7  Old Rock Day

Second Week

January   9  National Static Electricity Day

January   9  Word Nerd Day

January 10  Peculiar People Day

January 12  Museum Day

January 13  Make Your Dream Come True Day

January 14  Ratification Day (Treaty of Paris)

Third Week

January 17  Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday

January 17  Kid Inventors day

JDaary 18  Thesaurus Day

January 18  Martin Luther King Day

January 19  Metric System Day

January 19  International Flower Day

January 20  Camcorder Day

January 21  National Hugging Day

Fourth Week

January 23  National Handwriting Day

January 24  National Compliment Day

January 28  National Kazoo Day

January 29  Thomas Paine Day

January 29  National Puzzle Day

January 31  Backwards Day

Symbols of January:

Birthstone: Garnet

Flower: Carnation

Zodiac signs: Capricorn and Aquarius


January was named after the Roman god Janus. Janus is also the Roman word for door. The god Janus had two faces which allowed him to look forwards into the coming year and backwards into the past year. The original Roman calendar only had 10 months. January and February were not included, but were added later.

January in Other Languages

Chinese (Mandarin) – yiyu�

Danish – januar

Italian – gennaio

Latin – Ianuarius

French – janvier

Spanish – enero

Historical Names:

Roman: Januarius

Saxon: Giuli

Germanic: Schnee-mond (Snow month)

Fun Facts about January

On average, it is the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the second month of winter. In the Southern Hemisphere January is a summer month the equivalent of July. Sometimes the Saxons called January the wolf month because hungry wolves would come into their towns searching for food this time of year. For a long period of European history, the start of the New Year occurred in March.

These are some on the activities that went down this January. Some of which we had no idea existed. Well, we hope you enjoyed reading this. We wish you a pleasant February ahead

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