Hello family, happy Sunday!

Today I want us to focus on the book of Matthew. Matthew 6 in specific, 25-26.

It talks to us about being anxious. Why are we always anxious about what will happen next or what we will eat next? It is most common with ladies. It is common among us ladies to get scared or think of the worst. We can never think of the positive first. We always over analyse and that is a major problem. I am telling you today that there is no need to be anxious for anything. God that has made us knows how exactly He will take care of us.

Let us not be anxious. Let us rely on God for everything. Calm down and take one step at a time with God by your side. Don’t over think it. Don’t be overly anxious. Look up the bible passage stated earlier so the bible can speak to you directly. Drop what you understood in the comments box.

Have a blissful week ahead fam!


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