Have you ever been dazed at the possible surge of emotions you can feel within minutes? One minute you were exhilarated, the next depressed, and you’re wondering- what, why, how,when….? This roller-coaster of emotions could soon leave us drained. Our hormones beyond their bodily functions could be culprits of these emotional highs and lows. Learn to get a grip on your emotions and balance your hormones.

Here are some suggestions to help you feel better and live happier by balancing your hormones naturally:

1.) Ask for help when you need it, then take time to appreciate it when you receive it.
2.) Get plenty of sleep.
3.) Do some form of exercise daily. You don’t have to go to the gym or jog 5 miles- just take a walk, do a little gardening, dance for a while or do some other non-sedentary activity you enjoy.
4.) Don’t lose touch with friends and family. Keep loneliness at bay.
5.) Eat organic whole foods whenever possible. Drink plenty of clean water and take a good multivitamin daily.
6.) Leave the television off occasionally.
7.) Relax in the car or otherwise with audio books or some soothing music.
8.) Learn to meditate. This helps you remain calm when the going gets rough.
9.) Don’t take on more than you can handle comfortably. It’s okay to say no sometimes.
10.) Find a health care professional who listens to you and shares your views about caring for your health.
11.) Avoid prescription drugs when possible.
12.) Do your best to keep your spending under control and avoid the stress of financial problems.
13.) If you’re lonely, do something for someone. You’ll be helping yourself as others.
14.) Take a few minutes to do something that makes you laugh.
15.) When you know your emotions are out of balance, acknowledge the imbalance but don’t let it become a focal point in your life. Don’t ignore your feelings but don’t make it worse by allowing them to build stress. Try to turn your concentration to more positive thoughts.
16.). Keep your blood sugar stable. The number one cause of hormone imbalance is consuming too much refined flour and sugar, which causes our blood sugar levels to spike and crash, which in turn impacts the production of our hormone insulin. To keep insulin balanced you’ll have to eat in a way that keeps blood sugar levels stable. This is achieved by eating lean proteins-turkey, chicken, fish, nuts, beans- and complex carbohydrate- vegetables or high fibre fruits every 2-3 hours. Don’t eat too much of white flours, sugar and artificial sweeteners.
Have a nice day ahead.


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