What runs through our minds when we get dressed to go out? Most people just want to look classy and elegant. Some will wear whatever is in vogue whether it suits you or nah, you all good! Some are plain nonchalant about the way they appear, so far as their nakedness is covered up. My question is this, how comfortable are we in whatever we put on?

I will like to address the second category of people listed above. Nowadays, everyone wants to wear the hottest new thang! In wearing these, are you comfortable? I see ladies, especially, in public gatherings and instead of focusing on the reason for being there, they are busy pulling their skirt down or adjusting the top, so that the half packed boobs don’t come falling right out. Lol. Okay… if you want to dress this way, why do we see you pulling the cloth down? Why don’t you rock it till your pant shows? We see ladies finding it difficult to make it to the other side of the road because of what they are wearing or when they want to sit, they start looking for what will cover their thighs. If you are uncomfortable, why are you wearing it? Why are you trying to conform to the things that the society puts out as right? You have a personal value system, judge and live by it.

But do you know you don’t have to wear everything you see on other people. What works for body A might not work for body B. Why are you trying desperately to be what you are not?

When you go out, you should be elegant and classy but don’t fit yourself into something you are not comfortable with because you want rock the latest. Like we have been saying, don’t compromise your values. Hold them fast!

Bottom line is, dear readers, let us dress well. Put out there the best version of yourself. Don’t pack yourself inside a dress because it is the latest. Don’t wear a cloth simply because it is reigning. Wear a cloth only for the right reasons, for comfort! I am tired of my eyes being injured by what I see…lol!







So, as a team we decided to add the appreciation category to it. There are people that have been backbones to the effective functioning of this blog and the achievement of the dream. They are not a part of the team but they make having a team possible in the first place. It is my pleasure to say that the first appreciation article is dedicated to no other person than Mr. Ibraheem Adebesin.

Recently, on facebook he was joking about when he would be acknowledged, little did he know that this was coming. So, this is going to be a surprise. I hope he is pleased with it. Plus, I stole a couple of pictures from Facebook lol. He is so going to yab me but I am well prepared.

It will amaze you all to know that Mr Ibraheem has touched almost everybody on the team through the teaching of English Language. When you hear/see me mesmerise you with my vocabulary prowess, you can trace it…lol!!! Even though he was my teacher, we had a sibling relationship as well. You know them ones that will argue and disagree a lot but in the end, you know we got each other. So, we have finished fighting now we are geling lol!!!

Let me proceed to burst his mind. He is not only an amazing husband, father and teacher, he is an author of an all time educative novel. You will find my name in the acknowledgement section. Hence that should be extra ginger to get and read it…Lol!!! He is one of the few ones that are so infused with the joy of teaching. I am sure it is not giving him the best but he does it and he does it happily. The joy radiates. He is an educator and mark my words years from now, his books will be big. More are still coming, let us finish advertising one…lol. He is a very inspirational character to emulate. He is so open minded that it will transform you. It is not all about having an accent to speak English. He teaches you that. He pushes you. He wants to see the best in you. He used to annoy me with spelling bee and essay writing but look at me today. People tell me they like my work and I am humbled. It is all God. Hence why I must appreciate those HE has put in the way to guide me here.

From the inception of this blog, from the very first article he has been supportive. Even with ideas still in the works, he has been there. So, this is just a little way of saying an Inspired Pens THANK YOU!!!




So, on the first edition of Sunday vibes we are going to be discussing our listening skills during Sunday service/mass.

You know most times ehn I am as guilty as everyone else when I talk about certain things. Other times I am as white as snow lol. Today I was in church and I phased in and out. Afterwards, I started looking around and wondering how many of these serious looking people were actually listening. Many people go to church for many other reasons other than listening. Some, to display their newly tailored attires; others may be swag. For some it is to make friends. You know you have that friend that every time you are trying to pray, they will tap you and crack a joke. Rebuke the devil!!!!!lol!

Okay, okay. My point is all of these things are not worth it. If your priority is not to learn about God and the heavenly kingdom, then please don’t go to church. Free up seats for those that really need it. You will see worthy people standing meanwhile one of the people sitting down is dozing off. It is in the bible that angels are in churches so sharpen your hearing aid biko. I am sure if I ask a lot of us what we learnt today, the answers I will get from some people will be wrong. Others might not even have an answer because they were blank. Please let us not make ourselves empty barrels. Through whatever opportunity, endow yourself with the word of God. It is important. When worldly people are frustrating you, there is a manual on how to deal with them, the word of God.

In summary, the church is not a bar for chilling. It is a place for learning and equipping yourselves with the necessary weapons. Some of us have missed our calls or messages because we were using our phones or exchanging smiles with that church crush. *sipping tea. It is dangerous to wander on earth without purpose. Some get their purpose in church or even a reaffirmation of that vision. But if you are too busy catching up with Instagram, instead of downloading God’s words directly, I wonder o. My only question is why then did you bother getting up and being there?

Let us make a personal resolution to do better. Ignore the distractions and deep the glory of God that is abundant and around you during the service or masses.

I am sure many of us can relate with the phone issues, a blessing and a curse that device is you see. Feel free to leave comments and let us know what you all think.

Anyway, always and always Stay Blessed.

Stay True to Thyself!!!



It is a Sunday again. We thank the Lord for His protection, provision, mercy and His unending love for us. So, it’s the last Sunday in the month of July. During the course of this month, some people have lost their jobs, some have lost their lives, some have lost family members…For the fact that we are alive today doesn’t mean we are overly righteous, it’s MERCY and GRACE. These are speaking for us and I will urge you not to take them for granted.

At this point, we need to be thankful to God, the maker of heaven and earth. We need to be thankful so wherever you are, just praise His name cos he deserves it and more! Alleluia.

At the beginning of this month, I shared something with all of us. I hope we were full of smiles and faith in the days past? We will like to hear how the month went for you. Comments will be appreciated.

As we end this month, I will like us to look at an individual worthy of emulation. His name is SOLOMON. yeah! Solomon in the Bible! Let’s be brief. God asked him what he wanted and he wanted WISDOM. Just that! God is asking what you want. What will your reply be?  Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you (Matthew 7:7)

Stop chasing things that make you happy alone. Store up your treasures in heaven! Let’s choose wisely.

I will end with this with seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you……Matthew 6:33

Have a blessed day and a fruitful week!





Hiya everyone,

Soooo, this one is for my people that want to study abroad. There are some of us that are self-sufficient and can go through the process themselves. However, for people like me we need to go through an agency we trust. Today I am presenting one to you. You guys know I don’t lie yeah? Lol!!! I am lucky enough to know the beautiful minds behind the agency and trust me they are wonderful people. Hence, trust me again when I tell you with them ehn you are sorted for real. This isn’t even sponsored so I ain’t being biased in any sense.

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In conclusion, let me let you know that they are Reliable, Effective and Prompt (REP). What else are you looking for elsewhere?

Contact information:




Inspired Pens.


We, the team at Inspired Pens, wish to warmly welcome Tomi to our happy team. If you all were wondering what fabulous mind was behind the article that went up today. Well it was him. They say action speaks better than words. We are happy to have him and together we wish to achieve wonderful things.


Hey! I am Oyelade Tomilola.. Seventeen years of age. I am in the science department but I have a flair for writing. I love to inspire people.

Do follow me @_tomiie_


Inspired Pens.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One time, I sat for an examination. It was a tough one. I had spent the past nine months, preparing for the paper but I had that unmistakable heart dropping feeling as I opened the question paper. There was just one word to describe the questions, ridiculous! I stared at the questions, long and hard as though the answers would just pop out of the question paper. I looked around and met the same expression on everyone’s faces. Some had even resigned to fate and had just closed the question paper to rest their heads on the desk before them. I knew how important this paper was and how badly I had to pass it. I sighed heavily and started to answer the questions. Answer?…More like I started to make words up that I thought could correlate with the questions and fit into it. Forty-five minutes into the paper, I had run an out of more words to use and it seemed like all was lost. I scanned through my answers knowing it was utter rubbish and couldn’t even fetch me up to quarter the desired mark. I had almost resigned to fate too when “help” came!

Apparently, one of the invigilators had goggled the questions and was passing around the answers. I was one of the first she approached with the answer. Without thinking, not even once, I grabbed my pencil and scribbled away little of what I could hear her saying. You have no idea the sense of relief I felt after she left. She went to my other colleagues and whispered the answers to them and they had the same reaction as I did. Some even went as far as passing the written answers to one another. The hall seemed to suddenly come alive. Wonderful, wasn’t it?

After the paper, my friends and I were talking about how “good” the exam was. We were comparing what the invigilator had told us and we were all happy. Had it not been for the invigilator, we would have all come out with long sad faces. The feeling was great until I spoke to a friend of mine. I was going to compare answers with her. I asked her about a certain question and she just shrugged. Then I asked her if she had written what the invigilator told us. She said she had but she never really transferred into her answer script. I looked at her like she was kidding and in response she gave me a serious look. In return, I gave her a quizzical look. She shrugged again and told me she had done her best knowing fully well how tough the questions were. Either she had not had a meal or she was utterly stupid, I thought to myself. On a second thought, I looked at her and smiled and it hit me hard, I was the stupid one. I felt good and foolish at the same time. I felt good because I was proud of her and I wished we could just switch places.

Today, Nigeria is regarded as one of the most religious nations of the world. Yet, this country stands tall in the ranks of corrupt nations. What an irony, aint it? The word? COMPROMISE! Athletics doesn’t happen to be one of my favourite sports but I happen to pick a thing or two from athletes that perform high jump. A barrier is set before them. Now, the only way their attempts are counted as jumps is by jumping completely over the bar. If they happen not to reach the bar or knock it over in their attempt, then it is completely ignored. With the number of Nigerians that flock to and flood churches, mosques, one would expect that this country won’t be where it stands today.

There are standards set by the society, religious bodies, God. What we do is bring down the standards so that we could earn more, prove a pointless point, become socially acceptable, get higher grades and so on. The excuse given most times is that people feel that these standards are too ridiculous to meet. A student, for example, would say, how do you expect I pass if I don’t talk in the examination hall. A business man would cut corners to win a contract. Pastors lie to get more money for pointless church projects. Girls open their legs to any pot-bellied rich men to get money. Isn’t it rather sad? It’s almost like no one is daring to be different. It’s like everyone is joining the crowd and no one is trying to do the right thing.

I want you, yes you, to know that these standards set are very achievable. They wouldn’t be set if they weren’t achievable. We can meet these standards by being very disciplined. Make up your mind every day to do the right things only, even if it means you could be ridiculed by the public. MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Resolve to stand out! Be the odd one! Let people know you by your standards! I know it gets difficult but be like my friend in the examination, do what is right by your conscience.


JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER???????👩🏾‍⚖️👨🏾‍⚖️📚📚

For all those who have not heard yeah, judging a book by its cover is WRONG!!!!!!

So y’all should be glad that I am in Law School because I am getting inspired like every day with stories📕📗📘📙. I am currently doing Bar 1 and we all studied out of the country. When I arrived, I thought everybody will the upright and these group presentations will be alright. Well for my group, I have been blessed with a set of wonderful people💞💕. But other people are crying in these streets. My roommate is in a different group and she is constantly getting cardiac arrest.

There is one lady I have been seeing for some time now🕵🏼‍♀️. She looked like she was serious you know. I later found out she was in my roommate’s group. We will call this roommate X. X as the group head was busy thinking at least this lady seems prim, proper and upright, let me ask her to review this essay. Brother and Sisters of the Lord, that is how X almost lost her mind oh in addition to cardiac arrest. Not only did the lady ‘review’ the work, she ‘removed’ the work. All the necessary cases and work, aunty was singing ‘cut it, cut it. This work is way too dope I need to cut it.’✂️✂️✂️ It was so not a funny day and when X confronted her, aunty said she was exhausted oh accompanied with hundred smiley faces. In addition, she told X to do the work for her. X was so perplexed. I helped and eventually we went through everybody’s work individually and compiled the essay.

MORAL OF THE STORY!!!!! Seriousness is not written on the face or how the person dresses. Some people have already learnt that how you dress is how you will be addressed. Do not be fooled bruuh! These ‘fraudulent’ people are not serious at all. It applies to other areas of life. The person may look too chilled but when they let into their world you will be so amazed. The days of closed-mindedness are so behind us. Let us be more open to conversations with other people that do not look or sound like us. Let us experiment with more things. Let us allow ourselves experience other areas of life. It is just exposure. I have met different people at the airport and I have had different enlightening conversations. All in the name of coincidence, I met one of those numerous people in this Law School.

Please let us not be specially appointed judges. Especially when you are not even a lawyer. Give people and situations chances. Trust me you will be amazed at the empowering things you will find. So, the fact that some people look serious, mehn it may be some bloody deception. Lol!!!! Be careful in them streets yall.

Stay Blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen NATALIA 👑👑👑

FEATURED ARTICLE!!!!!!!!💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾


Hey guys, what up?????

This is Queen Natalia’s main B💋❤️. At this point I actually don’t know what this post is going to be about. Soooo…… Okay, the posts on this blog are usually inspirational but this time it going to be with a twist. I am someone who is battling depression and I want to let you know its fine. Don’t run from it and make yourself feel wrong for feeling sad. Stop questioning why you were created. You need to control it!!!!! There is something like depression for some of us but this is how I deal with it. SO I have been able to find the origin of mine. I have a medical condition which means that I can switch from having mood swings like a pregnant woman to being as excited and playful as 2-year-old in 2 minutes.

The first way I have been able to deal with this is by realizing what is causing it. Some people would say just stop being sad but you and I know it’s not even close to being that easy. What I do is find what makes me excited; food, movies and friends. Find what/ who makes you happy and work with that and hopefully you will feel better with time. I’m still working on it. I’m not there yet. My goal is to develop to a point where my excitement/ happiness is not tied to anything but the thought of literally being happy.

Sooo yh. This is me, emotions all over the place, cry every minute me. But the issue arises when you feel like life is wrong and refuse to take to charge. You need to ‘sell the best version of you’.



Many people act without knowing that their actions impact on other people. Hence, the title chain of actions. For every action, there is a reaction. They also say the first impression counts. I recently read Bovi’s birthday message to Rita Dominic. It was lovely. It was a recount of his experiences meeting her and that is an example where someone’s selflessness has in turn generated a worthy return.

Many people seem to forget, people remember how badly you have treated them. Sometimes, it gets to the extreme. We watch some Nollywood movies and you see people plotting against a person and the reason is something that happened several years ago. It is unnecessary. Yes, I agree but it is a lesson. For every time, you meet someone, give them something good to remember you for. As I always say, please it is time to inspire and get inspired. Let us always inspire one another.

The reason for this is recently, I was asked to assist in submitting some forms which I gladly agreed to do. On getting to the office, the reception was so cold. I was yelled at and was spoken to rudely. I was so hurt. What was my offence? I was yelled at because I knocked and waited for a response. It sounds silly but that is the truth. Instead of the lady to nicely say next time just knock and enter, she started shouting. I was shocked. I thought that was the right thing to do. What if there was a meeting going on and things like that.

Anyway, my point is I left there feeling a bit down and I am sure my interaction with others for that period was poor. I already told myself that I am never going to that office again. Was it a crime that I wanted to help a person? That woman might be the nicest person on the surface of the earth but by her action that day I will never know because I would not attempt to find out anymore.

This is how people have lost opportunities. Respect is reciprocal regardless of the age. Treat each other with love. We all have mood swings. Let us try not to effect that on the next person. Personally, I could be upset and still be having a lovely conversation with the next person. They are not the reasons for my anger so they should not be my punching bag through whatever means.

I appeal to everyone. Think before you speak. Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you or your child. These things could sometimes transcend through generations. Address issues with respect. Please, please and please. People become powerful friends just from the first impression. On the other hand, you could dig a grave for yourself with the first impression. Choose wisely.

Stay Blessed!!! and Share!!