SELF ESTEEM!!!!!!!!!

We hold others in high esteem, some particular characters never lose esteem in our eyes, why then are we facing the problem of low self esteem?
Who else will value you more than u? Why do we allow ourselves to be reduced so much that we consider ourselves to be nothing and honestly I think this is a major problem of the human race. If every individual could value themselves a little more maybe things will get done quicker.
You constantly choose to listen to people who are just there to ridicule you. We are not saying you should leave a bad attitude unchanged. Instead of over thinking and pondering on yourself and all the negatives why don’t you consider upgrading yourself to a better version?
Honestly, there’s nothing like depression . Everything as per everything revolves around the individual.
Your mindset and the way you evaluate things goes a long way. We should spend our time talking to ourselves, improving ourselves instead of entering a shell.
Take a bold step. Value yourself. Increase your esteem.. No one can do this for you.. Speak out more often. The change you want to see desperately, start with yourself
Everything starts from us. If we keep letting low self esteem eat into us, we may never come out of it
No one should be able to pressurise you to do what you don’t want to do. Be firm. Be assertive. No one can shake an answer from you. Get what you want out and leave the rest. Don’t keep quiet when you have something to say, no one loses but you
The way you value that guy and his boldness and this girl and her shape, start working for what you want and value yourselves in same manner.


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