Hello everyone,

I know you all would be thinking what’s up with the emotional stuff lately. Well it is just things we have been noticing with the world and trying to touch on them.

The last post was about self-esteem and how we hold people in high regards. Recently, I had a conversation with a dear friend. Well, if anyone would have ever told me this friend had issues I would have laughed. Everything seemed perfect. I am the one that wanted to meet up. I felt she was smart and on point. To my surprise, she feels the exact way about me. Like I was jaw dropping shocked and this taught me something.

Sometimes, what you feel is your weak spot is someone’s prayer request on a regular. We see people and we want to be like them or be better than them. The question becomes how do we deal with these things?

Jealousy and bitterness should not be the approach. My friend and I could have this conversation because there was no bad blood. We simply admire each other and this motivates us to work harder. We want to both graduate fly and happy. This is the healthy spectrum. However, there are people that abandon the work of enabling themselves and start pitching darkness for the other person. Honestly, this world we live in is very dark. Friends betraying friends. Check why. It is JEALOUSY over frivolous things. He is driving a car and I am not. She is beautiful and I am not and all kinds of nonsense.

Some people even take this bitterness to social media. Publicly embarrassing themselves and washing their empty brains online. You see unnecessary exchanges for worthless things. Some celebrities have been victims of such bitter people. This is plainly because the celebrities are a reflection of these people’s dreams. Dreams they are too lazy to chase. This is because they now work in ‘minding other people’s business’ company. All of these are uncalled for. Why can’t we all appreciate each other? If you do take anything from this article, know that no one is perfect. We just find a way to develop and market the better parts of ourselves. No one is without problems but we are all given what we can handle.

So, there is no need to wallow is self-pity and bitterness. Get up and start working on yourself. If jealousy has made you hurt people, apologise and start afresh. No one has monopoly of the sky. Focus on you boo.

In relation to social media abuses, one day I hope I can start a campaign against insulting words online. We are human beings and can communicate. We do not need to be animalistic when addressing each other. Some insults mahn! They hurt the soul and the skeleton. We need to chill. Just because someone is living a life you want does not mean you should kill them with hatred. You too live a worthy life. Happiness is free for all.

Please feel free to add your thoughts on this matter.

Stay Blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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