Many people act without knowing that their actions impact on other people. Hence, the title chain of actions. For every action, there is a reaction. They also say the first impression counts. I recently read Bovi’s birthday message to Rita Dominic. It was lovely. It was a recount of his experiences meeting her and that is an example where someone’s selflessness has in turn generated a worthy return.

Many people seem to forget, people remember how badly you have treated them. Sometimes, it gets to the extreme. We watch some Nollywood movies and you see people plotting against a person and the reason is something that happened several years ago. It is unnecessary. Yes, I agree but it is a lesson. For every time, you meet someone, give them something good to remember you for. As I always say, please it is time to inspire and get inspired. Let us always inspire one another.

The reason for this is recently, I was asked to assist in submitting some forms which I gladly agreed to do. On getting to the office, the reception was so cold. I was yelled at and was spoken to rudely. I was so hurt. What was my offence? I was yelled at because I knocked and waited for a response. It sounds silly but that is the truth. Instead of the lady to nicely say next time just knock and enter, she started shouting. I was shocked. I thought that was the right thing to do. What if there was a meeting going on and things like that.

Anyway, my point is I left there feeling a bit down and I am sure my interaction with others for that period was poor. I already told myself that I am never going to that office again. Was it a crime that I wanted to help a person? That woman might be the nicest person on the surface of the earth but by her action that day I will never know because I would not attempt to find out anymore.

This is how people have lost opportunities. Respect is reciprocal regardless of the age. Treat each other with love. We all have mood swings. Let us try not to effect that on the next person. Personally, I could be upset and still be having a lovely conversation with the next person. They are not the reasons for my anger so they should not be my punching bag through whatever means.

I appeal to everyone. Think before you speak. Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you or your child. These things could sometimes transcend through generations. Address issues with respect. Please, please and please. People become powerful friends just from the first impression. On the other hand, you could dig a grave for yourself with the first impression. Choose wisely.

Stay Blessed!!! and Share!!



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