So, as a team we decided to add the appreciation category to it. There are people that have been backbones to the effective functioning of this blog and the achievement of the dream. They are not a part of the team but they make having a team possible in the first place. It is my pleasure to say that the first appreciation article is dedicated to no other person than Mr. Ibraheem Adebesin.

Recently, on facebook he was joking about when he would be acknowledged, little did he know that this was coming. So, this is going to be a surprise. I hope he is pleased with it. Plus, I stole a couple of pictures from Facebook lol. He is so going to yab me but I am well prepared.

It will amaze you all to know that Mr Ibraheem has touched almost everybody on the team through the teaching of English Language. When you hear/see me mesmerise you with my vocabulary prowess, you can trace it…lol!!! Even though he was my teacher, we had a sibling relationship as well. You know them ones that will argue and disagree a lot but in the end, you know we got each other. So, we have finished fighting now we are geling lol!!!

Let me proceed to burst his mind. He is not only an amazing husband, father and teacher, he is an author of an all time educative novel. You will find my name in the acknowledgement section. Hence that should be extra ginger to get and read it…Lol!!! He is one of the few ones that are so infused with the joy of teaching. I am sure it is not giving him the best but he does it and he does it happily. The joy radiates. He is an educator and mark my words years from now, his books will be big. More are still coming, let us finish advertising one…lol. He is a very inspirational character to emulate. He is so open minded that it will transform you. It is not all about having an accent to speak English. He teaches you that. He pushes you. He wants to see the best in you. He used to annoy me with spelling bee and essay writing but look at me today. People tell me they like my work and I am humbled. It is all God. Hence why I must appreciate those HE has put in the way to guide me here.

From the inception of this blog, from the very first article he has been supportive. Even with ideas still in the works, he has been there. So, this is just a little way of saying an Inspired Pens THANK YOU!!!



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