So, on the first edition of Sunday vibes we are going to be discussing our listening skills during Sunday service/mass.

You know most times ehn I am as guilty as everyone else when I talk about certain things. Other times I am as white as snow lol. Today I was in church and I phased in and out. Afterwards, I started looking around and wondering how many of these serious looking people were actually listening. Many people go to church for many other reasons other than listening. Some, to display their newly tailored attires; others may be swag. For some it is to make friends. You know you have that friend that every time you are trying to pray, they will tap you and crack a joke. Rebuke the devil!!!!!lol!

Okay, okay. My point is all of these things are not worth it. If your priority is not to learn about God and the heavenly kingdom, then please don’t go to church. Free up seats for those that really need it. You will see worthy people standing meanwhile one of the people sitting down is dozing off. It is in the bible that angels are in churches so sharpen your hearing aid biko. I am sure if I ask a lot of us what we learnt today, the answers I will get from some people will be wrong. Others might not even have an answer because they were blank. Please let us not make ourselves empty barrels. Through whatever opportunity, endow yourself with the word of God. It is important. When worldly people are frustrating you, there is a manual on how to deal with them, the word of God.

In summary, the church is not a bar for chilling. It is a place for learning and equipping yourselves with the necessary weapons. Some of us have missed our calls or messages because we were using our phones or exchanging smiles with that church crush. *sipping tea. It is dangerous to wander on earth without purpose. Some get their purpose in church or even a reaffirmation of that vision. But if you are too busy catching up with Instagram, instead of downloading God’s words directly, I wonder o. My only question is why then did you bother getting up and being there?

Let us make a personal resolution to do better. Ignore the distractions and deep the glory of God that is abundant and around you during the service or masses.

I am sure many of us can relate with the phone issues, a blessing and a curse that device is you see. Feel free to leave comments and let us know what you all think.

Anyway, always and always Stay Blessed.

Stay True to Thyself!!!


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