What runs through our minds when we get dressed to go out? Most people just want to look classy and elegant. Some will wear whatever is in vogue whether it suits you or nah, you all good! Some are plain nonchalant about the way they appear, so far as their nakedness is covered up. My question is this, how comfortable are we in whatever we put on?

I will like to address the second category of people listed above. Nowadays, everyone wants to wear the hottest new thang! In wearing these, are you comfortable? I see ladies, especially, in public gatherings and instead of focusing on the reason for being there, they are busy pulling their skirt down or adjusting the top, so that the half packed boobs don’t come falling right out. Lol. Okay… if you want to dress this way, why do we see you pulling the cloth down? Why don’t you rock it till your pant shows? We see ladies finding it difficult to make it to the other side of the road because of what they are wearing or when they want to sit, they start looking for what will cover their thighs. If you are uncomfortable, why are you wearing it? Why are you trying to conform to the things that the society puts out as right? You have a personal value system, judge and live by it.

But do you know you don’t have to wear everything you see on other people. What works for body A might not work for body B. Why are you trying desperately to be what you are not?

When you go out, you should be elegant and classy but don’t fit yourself into something you are not comfortable with because you want rock the latest. Like we have been saying, don’t compromise your values. Hold them fast!

Bottom line is, dear readers, let us dress well. Put out there the best version of yourself. Don’t pack yourself inside a dress because it is the latest. Don’t wear a cloth simply because it is reigning. Wear a cloth only for the right reasons, for comfort! I am tired of my eyes being injured by what I see…lol!




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