I have spent 17 years on earth which is enough to make me know that one of the things that keeps me alive and allows me see many more years is human interaction with the environment and with fellow humans.

Now these interactions come with behavioural patterns expected of us, one of which is gratitude. The religious book, the Bible, tells of a story where Jesus healed ten lepers but just one came back to show appreciation. Jesus inquired of the other nine, but they had all gone without looking back. The one that came back was made whole after expressing his gratitude. Did you catch that? He was made whole which was quite different from the healing he received initially. The other nine were merely just healed of their infirmity.

Now, gratitude is showing a deep, sincere sense of appreciation for a favour either in words, deeds or action. It is showing that we understand the favour and telling the person who granted us such favour that we fully understand the favour. While this may seem like something we treat with a wave of the hand, it is a trait lacking in a large number of people. A lot of people!! The basic or simplest way of showing gratitude is by using the words ‘thank you.’ People find it just too difficult to do so.

Growing up, my mum thought me that no favour is too small to be appreciated. Gratitude is not a respecter of age. It has to be shown to everyone whether younger or older. You may think that showing appreciation doesn’t count as anything but goes a long way in building the reputation of a person. Most of us are not even thankful to our Maker for the gift of life. How then do we show appreciation to our fellow humans?

One time, when Jesus fed the five thousand and was handed five loaves of bread and two fish which by human comprehension cannot go beyond two to three people, it was recorded that the Master raised the food towards the heavens and gave thanks. By the time they were done feeding the people, they had twelve baskets untouched. This is the depth of appreciation. The smallest of things must never go unappreciated. It is just one trait that makes one stand out from the rest. As seen in the two instances given, gratitude is even an application for more. The leper was made whole and Jesus had enough to feed the people with and still had leftovers. When we show gratitude, we are opening doors for more favour and when we don’t, we are saying the favour is not needed and future rendition may not be necessary. Be grateful for everything, the gift of life inclusive. Even after showing immediate appreciation, if we come across the render of the favour in weeks or days, remind him or her of the favour and thank him or her again. Be sincere when showing this gratitude, it makes the render of the favour feel good of himself and you too.

In our interactions, the  importance of gratitude cannot be over emphasized. Like the leper and Jesus, be thankful and you will get more favour. 

Appreciation makes up part of our attitude. Our attitude is like a price tag, it shows just how valuable one is.



Christian Tips!!!!

Hello family! Its a Sunday again and August is gradually coming to a close. Hence, we are grateful to the very one who has made it possible for us. Today, I want to talk on FAITH. In the bible, there are different scenes were faith is being talked about. Whether it is being praised in a person or the apostles are being scolded for lack of faith. Whatever the case may be, faith is a very important spice to our lives as Christians. We need faith to believe in Jesus and in the fact that He died for our sins.
The faith I will like to consider is PERSISTENT FAITH. We can see that faith shown in Matthew chapter 15. The woman with the possessed child. It is important to note that the woman was a Gentile yet she believed. She believed in Jesus, she knew what she wanted and she was leaving with a no. The woman met with silence, she met with harshness but she pressed on! Her faith worked for her. She had so much faith in what Jesus could do that she compared herself to a dog believing that even the crumbs were enough for her. Glory to God.
Let us learn to have faith. Believe in God even in His silence. God is neither deaf nor dumb. He neither sleeps nor slumbers. Pray to God and believe. He sees us and hears us. He is always working on something. He always talks to us but are we ready to listen?
Bless someone this week. Stay blessed!



Hello my lovelies,

How is today going? I am sure it is overly blessed. Let us all have thankful hearts.

Today, I just really wanted to let you all know Inspired Pens will be turning a year of inspiration in September. As a result, activities will go down to celebrate between September and October. Most important is the creative competition. 

The creative competition has been introduced to encourage creativity in children. The pioneering one will be targeted at students in the classes between year 7 – 9. We will grow trust me. 

Now without spilling all the juice that comes with the package (lol juice you know), there will be a goody bag that goes to the winners. I am throwing it out there for anyone that wants to put anything in the goody bag for the  children. It will be very much appreciated by us and them. God has been faithful with this little dream of a blog of ours and He will continue to be. So let’s give in celebration. Feel free to reach out to us. There is a contact page with the necessary information.

It would be fun I assure you all!! Let us create inspired children!!!


Queen NATALIA!!!


This is a topic that is very dear to my heart. Very few of you know me but the ones that do, know that I literally want to live life constantly helping people out. The Lord always provides the means. Now imagine my shock when my class was being approached by a charity initiative and a man right behind me said, “you people want to waste your money.” I was so upset. What did he mean by that? He could see children who needed help and he considered it a waste of money. I could not understand.

I know not everyone is configured like me. I know not everyone has the big dreams of building an orphanage and getting people off the street. However, if we are walking in the Christian faith, then giving should be imbedded within us. Our Lord gave us His son. His son gave up His life for our salvation. Giving to the poor is nowhere compared to what they gave us. I get it! Most people think of how much they have and start calculating how they would be “pinched” if they gave out of the little they had. Are you aware of the pain Christ went through? The nails and all. You and I know he could have said this is a waste of time. I mean see the world today, still full of so much sin. But He went through because of you and I that know the meaning of the salvation. Nothing is ever too small to give. Do you know the wonderful part? The Lord sees your heart and he would replenish. Do not worry about yourself because the Lord has got you. Trust me!

It is sad that we do not care for our neighbours. I am very particular about children. I joke around and say they are the way to my heart. I sit down and think about how many children out there are suffering, in need, have not had a balanced diet in ages. I watched children dance from just being fed. From merely writing this, I feel like crying. That should not be the life. It is sad that I cannot singlehandedly eradicate it but we can help.

Honestly, I just want to urge everyone to embark on this exercise with me. Start small. Consider the life of the person right next to you. The question is what are the small things they need? Please I am not saying be extravagant. I am saying be simple. Give without thinking till it becomes a part of you. Give as you are directed. Give no matter how small than not give at all. It does not have to be money, it could be your time or energy.

 Literally just few minutes before writing this, my friend wanted corn so badly and one woman we have never met before offered to buy it. We thought she was going to get a bike but she started running and despite the beckoning she did not stop. We were so touched. When she returned, my friend offered her money to repay the kind gesture but she blatantly refused. She wanted none of it. How charitable! Fits in well with this article and I made up my mind to write this up.

Please let us altogether help people out there. They may be homeless for now but with us they will not remain helpless. Let us put a smile on someone’s face today. It may be a child or an adult. It does not matter. Let us bring back the love. Let us help each other. It is not a waste of money or time. It never will be. It is an act of love and care.

I have started a small thing for babies called “Inspired Babies”. We will start small then mature. Like I said I love children so I will start there. Feel free to be a part of it. Let us collectively put a smile on people’s faces.

I plead let us be more vigilant to the needs of people around us and may the Lord bless us abundantly as we go out of our way to help. Remember, you do not have to broadcast how you helped 15, 000 people. If you do that, your reward is on earth. Let it be between you and your God that provides. HE will see you through and never let you down.




In making chin-chin, a lot of flour and dough is involved.  Once you get your hand in it, you just want to finish, fry and clean up, yh? So, that was the situation I found myself in on Saturday. I wanted the work to be perfect and neat only for me to raise my head to see a tiny ant in the tray crawling up and down the dough and without thinking I blew air over the tray and the breeze was strong enough to send flour to the table. So, I was stuck with cleaning more than what I was supposed to clean, annoying, right? Funny thing is I caused it!

Point is, so many times we are faced with situations and problems, how do we handle them? Do we act in the fit of the moment without considering the repercussions? We will have to clean up after ourselves. There are so many ‘ants’ everywhere, we should think before acting. That’s the major point here. Don’t lose it because of a few ants.

You may hurt someone’s feelings because of one silly act. You may lose a big opportunity. You may have more mess to clean up than just spilled flour!

Think before making a step because regret is never a nice feeling. There are various ways to handle a situation, you just have to look for the best. It is a common saying: think before you act. Today, I want you to really think deep on all the mess you will have to clean up because you didn’t THINK.

So, as we go through this week, dear readers, my message to you is THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. It costs less than NOT THINKING.

Stay blessed!



Happy Sunday fam!

Today, I will like us to pick a lesson from the book of Matthew chapter 14: 22 -31.

Then Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go ahead to the other side of the lake, while he sent the people away. After sending the people away, he went up a hill by himself to pray. When evening came, Jesus was there alone and by this time the boat was far out in the lake, tossed about by the waves, because the wind was blowing against it. Between three and six o’ clock in the morning, Jesus came to the disciples, walking on the water. When they saw him walking on the water, they were terrified. ‘its a ghost!” they said, and screamed with fear. Jesus spoke to them at once,  ‘Courage!’ He said. ‘It is I, don’t be afraid!’ Then Peter spoke up, ‘Lord, if it is really you, order me to come out on the water to you.’ ‘Come!” answered Jesus. So Peter got out of the boat and started walking on the water to Jesus. But when he noticed the strong wind, he was afraid and started to sink down in the water. ‘Save me, Lord!” He cried. At once, Jesus reached out and grabbed hold of him and said ‘How little faith you have! Why did you doubt?’

It was important to type out the passage as above. From this passage, we can see Jesus Christ went to the pray. He went to pray for you, for me, for us! He went to commune with the Father. During the prayer, he noticed the storm. The master is never late. He made His way to them on the sea. When we are in trials and tribulations, the master is never late, He never holidays. He is awake for our sake, to be there at all times because He is the all knowing God!

Oh but how sad is it that we have Peters in us. We want to go out to God on the sea but we often lose faith. DON’T LET FEAR GROW ON YOUR FAITH! We need to know that our storm doesn’t take Jesus by surprise. We need to be rest assured that He has everything under control. In problems and when all seems lost, look up! not down, not sideways, not behind, but UP!

We need to believe that our master is abundantly able to do what you cant do so why not leave it all to Him?

The master is calling on to us, He is asking us what our problems are. Let us let Him in, give them to Him and He will show you how capable He is.

Have a blessed week ahead!



What’s underneath?

A dark image of yourself?

A free personality ready to roam the world?

Covered to prevent the world from seeing the real you.


Multiple personalities,

Multiple edges of one cube

The crust tender

The surface smooth

Linked to one brittle structure

Of multiple mirages


Under you is the darker you

The mixture of life and death

Sheltered by misbelieve and fake smiles

Anticipating its release into the feeble earth.



You can already tell it is a poem day for inspired pens. lol!!!!!!! It comes once in a blue moon so let us enjoy it.

You ask the world to free you of your sorrows,

Yet you cling to your past with your fist.

You are afraid to be let down,

To be identified as another extra.


The fear of failure brings about meekness of the mind

Inability to face the world

Always backsliding in your thoughts

When you could have let go

Like flowers wither away when they have lived life


Let it go, let them flow

Break out of your shell

Evolve into your independent self

Not afraid to scream and let out.


Take a step back and lean forward

Be bold to lay your mark

Life is too short to be waiting to be noticed.



I wonder,

The lives my people led

The confusion they felt

Ghosts-like people sprung on them

Overthrew them

Blinded them

“raped” them of values

My civilized people

Yet tagged monkeys

My respectful people

Tagged backward

Ahh! Our customary legal system

Termed inadequate

Our lifestyle

Named repugnant

Anger swells

They met us rich

Rich in culture

Rich in happiness

Rich in love

They left us bereft

Thus, we feel inadequate

We are still blind

We copy blindly

Our fashion, we copy

Our speech, we copy

Our lifestyle, we copy

Our foods, we copy

Our skin, we copy

Our laws, we copy

Values have gone extinct

It is never too late

People repent

Own your skin; own your life.



I huff and puff

I brew and burn

It hurts

The neglect

The rejection

Was I not the sun of the day?

Or the moon at night?

Maybe adequately the stars of the night

The truth is, beauty I owned

Then I harboured hatred

I clothed dishonesty

Birth wickedness

Promoted fakeness

Employed disunity

Dwelled in corruption

I became ugly

How did I get so sour?

Should I kill myself?

Maybe better still go exile

I am so unwanted

Change they say begins with me

But I am so ugly

How do I start?

The time is now!

Stand up and change

“Beauty comes from within”, He told me

Maybe I can be ‘beautyful’ again

In hope, I rise.