Collection of the Unknown Feature!!!

Men, Men, Men!

How many times did I call thee?

Why has thou started dwelling with the devil?

Why have you polluted our minds?

Arrested us with fear?

Turned us to detectives?

Made us self-sufficient?

We need you,

Yet you have burnt us.

Stories that touch remain rampant

Deprive us of our dreams,

Then vanish.

Dig holes in our pockets,

Then build houses for mistresses.

Turn us to “housemaids”,

Yet patronise night eligible workers.

Raise our hopes,

Yet crush them with mighty shoes.

For every tear shed,

Independence is sought.

Independence is craved

In fact demanded.

You call us extreme for screaming equality,

Yet you treat us like slaves.

Men, Men, Men!

Karma remains real.

Repent of thy demonic ways!

Deep down independence is worthless

In comparison with the warmth.

Respect us,

Let us love you.

Special Note: Sean this is for your people o!!lol!!!


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