In making chin-chin, a lot of flour and dough is involved.  Once you get your hand in it, you just want to finish, fry and clean up, yh? So, that was the situation I found myself in on Saturday. I wanted the work to be perfect and neat only for me to raise my head to see a tiny ant in the tray crawling up and down the dough and without thinking I blew air over the tray and the breeze was strong enough to send flour to the table. So, I was stuck with cleaning more than what I was supposed to clean, annoying, right? Funny thing is I caused it!

Point is, so many times we are faced with situations and problems, how do we handle them? Do we act in the fit of the moment without considering the repercussions? We will have to clean up after ourselves. There are so many ‘ants’ everywhere, we should think before acting. That’s the major point here. Don’t lose it because of a few ants.

You may hurt someone’s feelings because of one silly act. You may lose a big opportunity. You may have more mess to clean up than just spilled flour!

Think before making a step because regret is never a nice feeling. There are various ways to handle a situation, you just have to look for the best. It is a common saying: think before you act. Today, I want you to really think deep on all the mess you will have to clean up because you didn’t THINK.

So, as we go through this week, dear readers, my message to you is THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. It costs less than NOT THINKING.

Stay blessed!


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