This is a topic that is very dear to my heart. Very few of you know me but the ones that do, know that I literally want to live life constantly helping people out. The Lord always provides the means. Now imagine my shock when my class was being approached by a charity initiative and a man right behind me said, “you people want to waste your money.” I was so upset. What did he mean by that? He could see children who needed help and he considered it a waste of money. I could not understand.

I know not everyone is configured like me. I know not everyone has the big dreams of building an orphanage and getting people off the street. However, if we are walking in the Christian faith, then giving should be imbedded within us. Our Lord gave us His son. His son gave up His life for our salvation. Giving to the poor is nowhere compared to what they gave us. I get it! Most people think of how much they have and start calculating how they would be “pinched” if they gave out of the little they had. Are you aware of the pain Christ went through? The nails and all. You and I know he could have said this is a waste of time. I mean see the world today, still full of so much sin. But He went through because of you and I that know the meaning of the salvation. Nothing is ever too small to give. Do you know the wonderful part? The Lord sees your heart and he would replenish. Do not worry about yourself because the Lord has got you. Trust me!

It is sad that we do not care for our neighbours. I am very particular about children. I joke around and say they are the way to my heart. I sit down and think about how many children out there are suffering, in need, have not had a balanced diet in ages. I watched children dance from just being fed. From merely writing this, I feel like crying. That should not be the life. It is sad that I cannot singlehandedly eradicate it but we can help.

Honestly, I just want to urge everyone to embark on this exercise with me. Start small. Consider the life of the person right next to you. The question is what are the small things they need? Please I am not saying be extravagant. I am saying be simple. Give without thinking till it becomes a part of you. Give as you are directed. Give no matter how small than not give at all. It does not have to be money, it could be your time or energy.

 Literally just few minutes before writing this, my friend wanted corn so badly and one woman we have never met before offered to buy it. We thought she was going to get a bike but she started running and despite the beckoning she did not stop. We were so touched. When she returned, my friend offered her money to repay the kind gesture but she blatantly refused. She wanted none of it. How charitable! Fits in well with this article and I made up my mind to write this up.

Please let us altogether help people out there. They may be homeless for now but with us they will not remain helpless. Let us put a smile on someone’s face today. It may be a child or an adult. It does not matter. Let us bring back the love. Let us help each other. It is not a waste of money or time. It never will be. It is an act of love and care.

I have started a small thing for babies called “Inspired Babies”. We will start small then mature. Like I said I love children so I will start there. Feel free to be a part of it. Let us collectively put a smile on people’s faces.

I plead let us be more vigilant to the needs of people around us and may the Lord bless us abundantly as we go out of our way to help. Remember, you do not have to broadcast how you helped 15, 000 people. If you do that, your reward is on earth. Let it be between you and your God that provides. HE will see you through and never let you down.



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