Christian Tips!!!!

Hello family! Its a Sunday again and August is gradually coming to a close. Hence, we are grateful to the very one who has made it possible for us. Today, I want to talk on FAITH. In the bible, there are different scenes were faith is being talked about. Whether it is being praised in a person or the apostles are being scolded for lack of faith. Whatever the case may be, faith is a very important spice to our lives as Christians. We need faith to believe in Jesus and in the fact that He died for our sins.
The faith I will like to consider is PERSISTENT FAITH. We can see that faith shown in Matthew chapter 15. The woman with the possessed child. It is important to note that the woman was a Gentile yet she believed. She believed in Jesus, she knew what she wanted and she was leaving with a no. The woman met with silence, she met with harshness but she pressed on! Her faith worked for her. She had so much faith in what Jesus could do that she compared herself to a dog believing that even the crumbs were enough for her. Glory to God.
Let us learn to have faith. Believe in God even in His silence. God is neither deaf nor dumb. He neither sleeps nor slumbers. Pray to God and believe. He sees us and hears us. He is always working on something. He always talks to us but are we ready to listen?
Bless someone this week. Stay blessed!


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