I have spent 17 years on earth which is enough to make me know that one of the things that keeps me alive and allows me see many more years is human interaction with the environment and with fellow humans.

Now these interactions come with behavioural patterns expected of us, one of which is gratitude. The religious book, the Bible, tells of a story where Jesus healed ten lepers but just one came back to show appreciation. Jesus inquired of the other nine, but they had all gone without looking back. The one that came back was made whole after expressing his gratitude. Did you catch that? He was made whole which was quite different from the healing he received initially. The other nine were merely just healed of their infirmity.

Now, gratitude is showing a deep, sincere sense of appreciation for a favour either in words, deeds or action. It is showing that we understand the favour and telling the person who granted us such favour that we fully understand the favour. While this may seem like something we treat with a wave of the hand, it is a trait lacking in a large number of people. A lot of people!! The basic or simplest way of showing gratitude is by using the words ‘thank you.’ People find it just too difficult to do so.

Growing up, my mum thought me that no favour is too small to be appreciated. Gratitude is not a respecter of age. It has to be shown to everyone whether younger or older. You may think that showing appreciation doesn’t count as anything but goes a long way in building the reputation of a person. Most of us are not even thankful to our Maker for the gift of life. How then do we show appreciation to our fellow humans?

One time, when Jesus fed the five thousand and was handed five loaves of bread and two fish which by human comprehension cannot go beyond two to three people, it was recorded that the Master raised the food towards the heavens and gave thanks. By the time they were done feeding the people, they had twelve baskets untouched. This is the depth of appreciation. The smallest of things must never go unappreciated. It is just one trait that makes one stand out from the rest. As seen in the two instances given, gratitude is even an application for more. The leper was made whole and Jesus had enough to feed the people with and still had leftovers. When we show gratitude, we are opening doors for more favour and when we don’t, we are saying the favour is not needed and future rendition may not be necessary. Be grateful for everything, the gift of life inclusive. Even after showing immediate appreciation, if we come across the render of the favour in weeks or days, remind him or her of the favour and thank him or her again. Be sincere when showing this gratitude, it makes the render of the favour feel good of himself and you too.

In our interactions, the  importance of gratitude cannot be over emphasized. Like the leper and Jesus, be thankful and you will get more favour.

Appreciation makes up part of our attitude. Our attitude is like a price tag, it shows just how valuable one is.


One thought on “GRATITUDE!!!!

  1. Gratitude makes people to do more things for… Even smallest of appreciation goes a long way… Thank you for this inspiration@Tomi


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