I have been listening to Tasha Cobbs ft. Nicki Minaj’s song called “I’m getting ready”. I am not even going to delve into arguments relating to if Nicki Minaj being in the song is right or not. Everyone is entitled to praise God.

But the song struck a nerve. It is a good motivational song. A song to sing when you are at the weakest and you think what else is there to live for? A song to reassure you of His presence. A song to enhance your faith.

Now listen, everyone is dealt a heavy hand at some point in life. Some people are stronger than others. But even the strong ones cry and they cry harder. That is usually the point we conceive the inconceivable, the inconsistencies with our faith. We are weak and bare.

Now lovelies I challenge you at that very moment to open your mouth and declare that ” you are getting ready for overflow”. Your God and my God is not asleep. Your overflow is coming, confess it louder than anything else. Let your words breed strength. As Christians we cannot let the devil rule, now can we? But its usually that weak moment, that slip off, that I can always come back to God later moment that changes everything. In those times we need to stick at the feet of the Most High and tell Him “God you can blow my mind because you are getting ready for an overflow”. Confess your victory over the situation with so much faith that the devil trembles. What is the devil to stand against the child of God?

I urge everyone to listen to the song. Suppress whatever beef you have with who is on the song and let the Lord speak to you.

Stay Blessed!!


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