Hey  hey hey! Have you ever been in a situation where you needed help so badly but the help wasn’t ‘forthcoming’ because the one person that would have helped you, you pushed away without rethinking it? You go about sulking for the whole day while a simple solution lay in the person you considered to be of zero help.

The person you have been pushing away all this while might be your very source of help but how do you realise this when you are stuck in your world of who is of value and who isn’t. It’s funny how we punish ourselves so much because we fail to see the importance of other people around us. You rather stand alone or take help from people of ‘your class.’ Every single being has something to offer, right from the shabby looking gateman to the CEO of a company. All you need to do is to accept everyone because you will so fall if you stand alone and fall hard! Learn how to accept help from whomever and render help where necessary. This is what keeps the balance. We all need each other!

There is a song I love so much. CITY ON THE HILL. 

If you listen to the song properly, you will get the picture. The light in the city began to fade because of their differences but they needed each other. The poets, the dancers, the soldiers, the young ones, the old ones, the rich man and the poor man………..

We all need some sort of help. No man can live in isolation and no man is an island of knowledge.

Have a blessed day.


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