In​ 2015, a beautiful, promising 19 year old university athlete in the United States committed suicide by jumping off the ninth floor of a parking garage. An hour before, she posted a beautiful picture of twinkling lights with a backdrop of the Pennsylvania sun. As usual, the instagram likes and approving comments flooded her page. It was only after her death that anyone would think of the sun setting in her life. Judging by her social media activity, there was no clue that she was battling some ‘demons’.

And this is quite the example of what goes on with a lot of social media users. On several occasions, we see pictures and posts of people and we are often tempted to compare our lives to those pictures. And yunno the sad thing? We give in to the temptation.  We see those posts of large living, exuberant spending and the amount of likes and comments and we just start to feel bad about ourselves.  I am not even talking about celebrities now. I am talking of one’s colleagues , your friends and all of that.

I know of a woman who often posted pictures of herself at work and even her friends would comment and like all of the pictures but really, this woman hated her job. Her friends would tell her she was enjoying on seeing her posts but deep down, she knew she was suffering.

Everyone is going through something, they just wont put it out there for the world to see. Real life is filled with highs and lows, triumph and trials so never let envy eat you up just by looking through your social media timelines. We are built to enjoy the relationships with the people around us. Never look at a post and feel less of yourself. Never look at a post and wish you were in another person’s shoes. Trust me, you have no idea what the person is going through. Its only the surface you see. Do not get me wrong. If the person is wearing a dress you like, it is  not wrong to desire it. But it becomes wrong when you begin to look down on yourself for not having such dress. Because of the amount of likes that others get, some would go to any extent to get that amount of likes even if it means doing the wrong thing and compromising one’s standard. The harmful part of this is that, not keeping things in perspective could be psychologically damaging. In all, build relationships with people that are physically present there with you and not with people we see online that we have no idea what turmoils torment their souls.


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