Hello lovelies,

Yes yes it is I, your one and only Queen Natalia. I know I know. You missed me. Lol!! Please a girl is allowed to feel herself once in a while.

Anyway, yes I have been away for a short while. Doing what? Good question. *Scratching head…lol. I have been busy being an aspirant to the Bar. Wait! Y’all know I studied law right. Well just unofficially graduated. My official graduation is…*drum rolls* OCTOBER 31ST!!!! Mans about to be a proper graduate. *Dancing Shoki…lol.

Well I have been in law school. Just finished and passed my Bar 1 exams. Unto to the next one eeyyyy!! Don’t be deceived I ain’t even ready for Bar 2 marathon. But we will survive, we always do with Yah!

I sound too excited today. Well I am happy to be here with my lovelies again for the short break I got. I know I know I might leave you guys again. But once law school is done I will be back fully baby. Well join me and pray they will have scrapped NYSC. Like seriously I cannot deal one bit with that stress.

So yeah! I will write more and on the side let you know how law school was. Also babies, the competition is coming. Well once madam Administrator and I get our bum bum off the chair. Worry not we got this…lol… I wish you guys could see my facial expressions sometimes. Might start recording unno. We will discuss with madam Administrator. Lol!! She will so kill me. Like I am calling her out.

Anyway, one more time, the Queen is back let the party begin…lol..

Stay Blessed and Truly you my people!!


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