I found this my really old old jotter today, and I checked the date.  It was 2010!!! Freaking 2010.

To begin with.  Where was I in 2010?  I was a tiny little girl in primary 6. I was 10 years old. So basically its been 7 years.

In this book, on that day,  (ie the first entry into that jotter) we went on an excursion to national museum. I recall that we had gone there before that particular day, and then one of my friend’s mum was working there and all. Hence, it wasn’t all so new to me and a few others. I don’t remember all that happened that day but I remember taking notes.

In this my jotter, I had written almost everything I saw in that museum. Whether I had seen them before or not. It took up to three pages. I laughed. Like – who rewrites what they’ve seen?  I probably just wanted to  make it worthwhile. I had such a terrible handwriting.  But I didn’t care.  At that point it didn’t matter because I wanted to make that visit count.  I wanted to seize that moment, capture it in my head and make it stay.

My point?

I stole that time.  I made whatever I did worth it.  At that point, nothing else mattered.  I was living in the moment. I probably wasn’t thinking of the next 7 years that I was going to see this book and bring back what I learnt that day .

It doesn’t matter where you are today, you probably don’t like where you are, the point at which you have gotten, or whatever it is.  Make it yours.  Make that time yours.  Bring something good out of it. The museum isn’t a really fun place but I went there twice!!  And boring or fascinating, I made that time mine.  I controlled my mindset.

Now when I look back to that time.  It wasn’t such a bad time after all.  I made that day count.  I made the best out of that day.

It doesn’t matter what happened or what’s going to happen. You have a choice.  You’ve got air in your lungs and blood running through your veins. You’ve got only one version of today. Write it. Then you can put it on repeat whenever you want.

Make your living worth it!!


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