Hi Lovelies,

Today yeah I want to speak about Friendships. Growing up I was taught some friends are for a reason, a season or for life. Most times we confuse the three. We try to force friendships. We lose ourselves and we lose time chasing something we do not need. I am sure you have heard this over and over again but your validation does not come from people.

This is my view on friendships in general. We got to be enhancing each other. Like for real. I am down for us slaying for the Lord but we gotta succeed by the Lord as you get what I mean. I am down to chat bout that girl’s disrespectful entity but we better be reading our books and making solid moves. I am down to party and learn lyrics to every song with you but we better be spitting cases and sections in the exam hall…lol. Friendships for me is all about balance. Can we draw that balance?
You see the thing with peer pressure is losing that balance. Forgetting what you are and want and settling for what the crew wants. That’s all well and good if you were named “the crew” when you were STOP IT BABY! If you find yourself losing yourself stop and re-evaluate. You are allowed to be influenced positively. But do not forget your values and follow man because Nkechi is following man and making money.

Okay back to my categories. Sometimes you are going through a rough patch and what you need is a tough friend. One locates you for that season of your life but that doesn’t mean you need to hold on forever. Sometimes we make friends at the airport and by virtue they make your trip easier. You may never see them again. Again friends for a reason and season. We need to develop the art of letting go. Honestly yeah, we are the architect of our issues sometimes. We know a friend is shady and you hold on, then you are surprised when you are implicated.. Ahh no o! You must enjoy the issues. Lol!

Happiness is necessary is our lives. If someone is toxic let them go. If your friend tryna slow you down, let them go. If your friend ain’t a fan but a hater, let go. You doubt their ways? Do what? LET THEM GO! They bring you down and disrespect you. Ahh these ones, you must buy them ticket to fly away. The way we detoxify our body is how we need to detoxify our inner circle. Keep it  simple, keep it smart.

Now with friends for life. Hmmm! You already know. Be suited for the fights and drama because it is gonna happen. But after it there is still joy. There are friendships you need to fight for. They seem weird but you know those people gat you down. Its never hundred percent easy but it is worth it. You know you are never alone. There is loyalty and there is strength. You will know when it is worth it. Different views but there are compromises and even when it’s difficult, there is a way.

But yeah as serious as that sounds, that is it. Call it selfish but we need to share and give to each other. I dont have many friends. Very tiny circle. Shout out to my best friends Bedford and Ada!! Lol.. Shout out to every friend I have that constantly hold it down with me. I am aware it takes the whole Nigerian Armed Forces to deal with me but we alright! Lol!! We gon make it. We gon drink to this and most importantly, y’all can’t sell me. So we stuck!

Alright my people. Let me be like DSF, “drink water” and detoxify baby. Let your circle be a true reflection of what you want and where you see yourself. No time for mediocrity and fake friends no more!!! Yasss boo lol.

Stay you and Blessed!


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