It is your Queen again, lol!

Hey lovelies,

So if we recall, I spoke about a creative competition to mark Inspired Pens first anniversary. With great joy I would like to let you all know it has started. The school for this year is Flora Schools: both primary and secondary. I know right! It is bigger than I had planned for. We had to incorporate the upper primary.

The project has been given out to and it is to be submitted this week actually. Then the big day to announce winners will be fixed. There will be nine(9) winners. Yass!! 9!!! We thank God lol!

The aim is to teach these students to dare to dream and provoke their minds. There is so much we are capable of but we limit ourselves. We have to break boundaries and encourage people and motivate their creativity. I am really happy we are doing this.

Queen NATALIA being introduced by the Proprietress, Mrs Ojomo to the upper primary pupils to speak about the competition.

They were so happy about it. We cannot wait to receive their works and announce the winners!


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