Have a plan B. 

I remember this one time my dad got back from work and told us of a friend he had just met while driving into the compound. According to him, his friend appeared disoriented and destabilized when he (my dad) saw him. It seemed he was out of breath. Apparently, he had been running and only stopped to catch his breath when my dad stopped to greet.

They exchanged pleasantries and seeing the quagmire written all over his face, my dad asked what the problem was. Well, I imagined the way he must’ve replied. Something like this wouldn’t have been far from it

“Ah! Lawyer! People are very wicked oh! Sir, don’t trust anyone but yourself! What my eyes have seen today ehn, I do not wish on my enemy. I organized a birthday party for my one year old son. So I invited all the children of the neighborhood (on a lighter note, baba that dinnor invite my siblings) to have a small party you know. Well, the party started, everything was going on smooth but it was getting close to the period for food to be served, but the caterers I paid were not yet on ground. I gave them the benefit of doubt knowing the havoc Lagos traffic could wreck After about 30 minutes and still no show, I decided to give the woman a call. Ah! You won’t believe it sir, when I asked her if she was on her way, she said she had just woken up and in a rather non-challant way, she asked me, ” shebi the party is tomorrow, so why are you disturbing me?”

Ah! My heart sank, I could almost feel nothing in my chest. She thought the party is tomorrow! And all my guests are there, wondering the kind of Yoruba birthday party where there was no food.”

That must have been how he described it to my father.

Oh well, he didn’t invite my siblings soooooo…or!… Hazard from flash was lurking around his house somewhere. Lol…just kidding oh.

Thing is, in life, we are bound to meet great disappointments. Unforseen circumstances are definitely going to arise. Question is, how prepared are we for these disappointments?

So here’s the take home. When you’re preparing for something, prepare for the worst case scenario so that you always have a back up plan. Always be prepared. I know disappointments are the worst but people will always remain people and they will continue to disappoint. It is in your place to have something you can fall back on.

Have a great day!

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