“His ways are not pure. How can someone be so generous. I’m very sure his ways of getting money is not clean “.” She is so wayward. Just take a look at her instagram posts “.” Look at that begger. Why can’t he work instead of begging ”

First of all.  Mind your business.

Judging people is like a daily activity. People are so quick to judge forgetting that they could be judged too and every thing has a motive behind it. Because you’ve had a personal experience doesn’t mean everyone is like that.

Earlier this year, I saw someone new in church. She was young. She looked young. I assumed she’d be a youth – probably 19 or 20. Later on i found out that she had a child. 😟. Woahhhh. Immediately i tagged her wayward.  Like how would she be this young and have a child. You could imagine the things i was imagining at that point.

Some months later, we went for this camp thing and she was put in charge.  I was like “really!?!!  This one that is wayward” and all of that.  I kept all these things to myself.

When we got home after the camp,  i told my mum about how she was so authoritative and annoying to a point.  That was when my mum told me she was married 😒. And that her husband is late☹. A few years into the marriage was when she lost her husband. And that she was 30 years old.

Ahhh.  I felt so bad. I felt so down.  I didn’t expect it.  She was torn at such a beautiful time of her life and i was here Judging her.

There is a story behind everybody’s attitude. Good. Bad. Just there. You name every attitude and every action. There is a drive behind it and a story. Don’t judge. People go through a lot and you don’t know anything about it.  Instead of Judging, just smile and let it go. No comments whatsoever. I read this juliana olayode’s book – Re birth.  Its her life story and at a point in her life she had to beg to complete the money her step mum sent her to collect. The person she was sent to cheated her and there was no way her step mum would believe her if she told her she was cheated.  So that day she had to beg.  On the streets. Some people would have insulted her. Said things to her.  Different hurtful words.  Who would have known she’d be the very popular “toyo baby” .  Trust me if they knew, they’d have done her a great favour so they’ll reap it later.

Don’t judge.  That beggar you’re seeing is probably being maltreated at home. Or maybe their parents are gone and there is no one for them.  I’m not saying you should give every beggar money but don’t judge.

You’re not made to judge.  Whether they are lazy or they are just trying to get money from you.  Whether she is lazy or sleeps around, Whether she is a hoe, and her father is a drunk,  its none of your business.  Whatever story thats behind it is it.

If you can’t change anything about them, don’t judge them.


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