Heeyy.. So….

I learnt something very valuable recently.

In life, we learn everyday as per everyday.

We learn new things, we keep learning, we keep getting a better understanding of situations and all.

I’ll like to share what I learnt recently with us. I learnt if you haven’t felt a situation, you most definitely don’t know anything about it. FELT. As per if you haven’t been in that situation, then don’t claim to know anything about it because when you find yourself in the same shoes you will realize you were wrong!


Normally I just feel logic and reason solves everything. Any situation we find ourselves, just think jarey and the solution comes like boom. It’s never that hard. This is what I used to think.

But then,

Recently, my friend realised that he hadn’t paid his complete school fees. He thought everything had been cleared but something came to his notice that he hadn’t seen initially as to mean, he had 30,000 or thereabout to complete the fees and I was like tell your dad jor, he will understand. I told him not to waste time na. I thought he was just being a mere chicken. How hard could it be?
Till it happened to me..

How do I tell my dad that I need 10,000 extra to buy some books… I initially told him a lower price because that’s what I thought but that’s not the actual price. Now, I understand how difficult that situation could be.

Money, as we know it is not easy to come by and only someone who understands the true value of money will understand the above situations.

I’m not saying we shouldnt be logical about things or that we shouldn’t say how we feel about situations even though we might not have tasted it.

We should still give opinions and suggestions but be careful with words.
My point?

If you haven’t been in same situation before, it’s better you calm down, re evaluate and understand before speaking.

Cos how it looks might not be how it is
Stay blessed !!!!


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