Skin care 101

Heyyyyy guys, It’s Temi.Od here. I’m really sorry for being out for a long while. Now that I’m less occupied I’m here and I’ll try to be more consistent. I think I need to re introduce myself. I’m Temi and I’ve been taking on the beauty and fashion segments the times I’ve been on and that’s what I’ll continue with. So today I’m here to talk about skin care. 

A lot of ladies suffer with skin problems such as: acne, dark spots, discoloration and all that and spend lots of money to clear them. Why not go the natural way, safe, cheap and effective .I’m basically just here to share my skin care routine. Although, I have not really had skin problems, but I do break out sometimes and these steps help me get my flawless smooth skin back. Ps: I’m not a beauty expert. I’m just sharing what works for me and I certainly guarantee you that nothing here will harm your skin. So let’s proceed .

  This is my natural skin care routine.

So first off, these are the following items I use / you will need.
– black soap
– A facial scrub
– coconut oil
– Almond oil
– Tea tree oil
– Vaseline
– shower gel that contains coconut oil, Shea butter or vitamin E oil
– moisturizer ( Nivea, cocoa butter, oils)

When I’m up in the morning, I like to wash my face with cold water to feel awake and awaken my skin cells.
Then I proceed to washing my face with black soap. There are different brands of black soap. I use a brand called Dudu-Osun.

It’s made with pure natural ingredients and it smells good too. There are so many brands of black soap but this particular brand contains natural ingredients like honey, shea butter, camwood, palm kernel oil, citrus juices , aloe Vera , lemon and lime juices.

Black soap fights acne, eczema, dark spots and also cleanses the skin, leaving the skin refreshed and healthy. Note that black soap is a bit drying so if you have dry skin don’t leave it on your face for more than 5- 10 minutes before washing. I wet this soap with a little water and rub all over my face. I leave for about 5 minutes before I wash off with clean water. You can also apply this soap on target areas like where there’s acne on your skin, it dries it up and it disappears in no time. It also clears dark spots and dark marks, so apply to dark spots to make them no longer visible.

After this step I would clean my face with a face towel and then move on to moisturizing my face because of all that dryness from the soap. I never really liked lotions or cream because I tend to sweat. But a good skin moisturizer I recommend is a Nivea skin lotion or jergens with Shea butter lotion. I’ve used both and they’re really hydrating but because I tend to feel hot a lot I switched to using something lighter, Oils.

Oils like : coconut oil, almond oil, tea tree oil are very moisturizing and have many advantages.
Coconut oil : as we know coconut oil is used for basically almost everything. From cooking, to hair care, to make up removal.  It leaves the skin healthy and glowing

Tea tree oil : dries up pimples, helps eliminate eczema, help with scars and dark spots, eliminates stretch marks

I use a brand from Swiss garde. Any brand of tea tree oil would do.   

I like to take little quantities of these oils and apply generously on my face and skin and let it sit in.

I use Vaseline for my lips as a lip balm to prevent chapped lips and also on my lashes to make them appear a bit longer.

I would take my bath either with Dudu Osun or a shower gel enriched with Shea butter and vitamin E.
A brand like Enliven leaves the skin nourished, smooth and silky. Trust me you’d love the feel of your skin after you bath with it.

Read the bottle for more information

For night time and days I wear make up. I make sure to exfoliate my skin with a good facial scrub.  I recommend the almond and carrot scrub by beauty formulas. It’s amazing. Super affordable too.

But here’s how to make your own scrub at home. Grab honey and sugar. Pour a bit of both and mix together then apply on the face and scrub.

This is how the honey and sugar scrub comes out.

Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin,  dirts  and leaves the skin very smooth and clean. I recommend you exfoliate 3-4 times a week depending on how much you wear make up.  

Lastly  guys, drinks lots and lots of water.

I’m serious lol

    Remember to take off your make up before you go to bed and incorporate washing and cleansing your face after make up removal.

This is basically what I do to maintain a clear, flawless skin and it helps me a lot. I’ll put pictures so you guys don’t think I’m here to play lol.

This is all I have for you today. I hope you found it very informative, helpful and interesting. Please like this , share and come on our blog to see more. Try this out and comment guys. I want to know how it works for you!! Until next time. Bye loves.

IG: Temi.od, SC: Teyteyy1


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